Monday, June 15, 2015

Things yarn and summer

This. This pullover, seemingly a simple matter of a few rectangles, is driving me bonkers. The sleeve-on-dpns with two striping colors [I am so tempted to cut the yarn at all the color changes and weave them in later, but the only thing I hate more than sitting in an increasingly tangled mess of more than one ball of yarn is weaving in ends] snags on itself and and the yarns twist and coil up together, besides which I have (the dread) modified the pattern ever so slightly, which means a bunch of notes to self so the second sleeve will turn out the same as the first. I can't stand fiddly things. Knitting is fun. Really, it is.


Never fear, there's still so much plain, crazy-free knitting to do. The garter stitch blanket grows, slowly, and it shouldn't reach the huge, lapful stage for quite awhile, which pleases me. The days still alternate between light and fog, driving rain and surprising little bursts of sunbeam through the golden clouds. Summer is happening in individual moments this year. We've been eating the barely-pink cherries one or two at a time, straight from the tree, so impatient for them. They are not yet even cherry-flavored, but just a small mouthful of tartness, a hint of things to come.