Thursday, June 11, 2015



This quilt top is lagging. I am easily distracted, lately by things that are so much more pedestrian: how to deal with curly hair when it's humid? Why does the washing machine keep falling into the sump pump? Where did all these walnut trees in the hedge come from? [answer: squirrels] There are four freezing and rainy days for every one summer day, which seems unfair, but there's no point in raging about it. I stood on the porch in the dark last night, watching the wind and rain lash at the cherry tree, sure the half-developed fruit would be all over the yard in the end, but nature is wise and cherries are meant to stick to their branches until it's time. It's almost time, too; I can hardly wait.

I also spent about ten minutes on a boring but necessary project:


In utility crafts, I have made a pillow cover for the dog's bed, from a thrifted tablecloth that had also spent some time as a pair of curtains, because I purely hated the original dog bed cover. And also because I got new curtains, but I still wanted to look at this fabric. It's all utility crafts right now--I worked on the garter stitch blanket for hours this week, through about forty-hundred episodes of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown [I'm hungry...] and it still just looks like a tiny strip of knitting, just a couple inches wide. I love it when they start to look blankety, but that's a long time away.