Monday, July 20, 2015

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

It's hard not to spend every minute on this. Watching the design emerge is so endlessly interesting. I'd say it's about halfway there, and every row is still so much fun.

I fired up the dyepot the other day and threw a pair of well-fitting but unpleasantly faded thrift-store jeans in there with some Navy Rit Dye--huge success! It's so easy it feels like I am getting away with something, and now it looks like I have brand-new pants. Seriously, why would I buy anything new?


The heat is finally upon us. The Catdog is a heat-seeker of the first order, which is how I know without a doubt she is the dog for me. It was 90 degrees, and she found the one place in the house where it was even hotter than that and then pressed her face up against it. Also, she is a contortionist. See? Catdog.

Also regarding the heat, this is suddenly a lot of wool. Nevertheless, I can't help myself, and I just aim a fan at my legs and deal with it. Catdog and I are on the same page. I enjoy these days so much--a warm wind blowing the curtains; spending an hour in the garden trying to free the stunted tomato plants from the grip of four-foot tall weeds wildflowers, and the deep and utter deliciousness of a cool shower afterwards. Iced coffee. Fresh blueberries. Dozing beneath a tree with an open book over my face. Mmmm, summer. I love you.