Thursday, August 13, 2015

A plan for Autumn, and a love letter from Catdog

This week. Well, the car is fixed (the doctor and the boy did it! My heroes!) and the bobbin winder on my beautiful vintage Singer Slant-o-Matic (I really love how that sounds) is up next. Maybe then I can finish the quilt(s) and also either make a bunch of school clothes (ridiculous; I don't go to school) or at least stop thinking about it anyway. It was 60 degrees F this morning, which just makes me want to put on tights and a corduroy skirt and read Nancy Drew mysteries while I wait for the bus. Maybe jump rope or something. Autumn is coming. I am making a plan this year to learn to love autumn, the way I did when I was little and it meant school and new clothes and seeing all my friends every day again, and I can't remember what all else, but I know it was good. I don't know when I started dreading it, and really it's only because it means summer (sob!) is over and winter is coming. And I know you know this, but winter is hard. The dread just builds in my heart, the minute the air changes, and it has. There's a change sometime in early August every year, the same change that makes me start knitting utilitarian cardigans, and I cry inside, but I think I can work on this. I don't have any illusions that I can learn to love winter, but autumn is on the table. The doctor, who knows me better than I know myself, said stuff like "Fall has so much color--get out your watercolors again. Photograph the light." He said, "Fall is when your handknits can really shine. In winter, you're wearing ten layers and a coat like a sleeping bag over it all, but in fall, your beautiful handknits are on display." I got teary-eyed at that. He's so good, and he's right. That's what I'm gonna do. Autumn, I'm coming for you. We're going to fall in love.

Influenced, as always, by the lovely Alicia, I made some macrame hemp necklaces and if I had more beads, I'd keep going. Bracelets next, I think. This kind of thing is so beautifully seventies. I hear Seals and Crofts songs in my head as I work. They're a little itchy next to my neck, but maybe they soften with wear--I can't remember.

Catdog wants you all to know how much she loves you right back. She got all serious for a minute, and very sincere. She is very earnest, like she's saying, "I'm not even kidding. I really, really LOVE you. I would not joke about this." The eyebrows crinkle a little bit as she raises them, making sure I can see her sincerity. I do, I see it. She is a little curled up ball of gentle and wiggly, wagging happiness, at least until the doctor puts on his favorite song and then she just goes electric, dancing and leaping, twirling around. She is a big fan of 70's guitar anthems. I mean, what is not to love about any of this??? Wait until she hears Frampton. There is so much great music out there for her to discover. I love you all, too, for loving her. This beautiful little dog, this sweet girl is a friend to everyone she meets.

I tell her she's a good girl, and her tail is a wagging blur.


  1. I do love those necklaces - hmm - inspiring me, I've never done macrame. I love autumn personally, the air is all fresh after the hot muggy summer air. Although granted today it is pouring with rain anyway. x

  2. Catdog is the sweetest girl! I'm so glad that you found each other. The Doctor is right about autumn's light. Maybe you can sketch and paint and carry that creativity into the winter days. When the snow comes, I sew like a maniac! I recommend this.

  3. I feel the same about winter and dread the crisp fall days because it means being shut up inside for months on end with snow and ice. The doctor did have some good advice though. Glad your car and machine are both back up and running.

  4. I just love that post. Your Doctor is so right, I just love Autumn and really the only time I love fashion shoots, all those soft muted colours and soft cosy knits. I do envy your knitting skills. Catdog you are adorable! x

  5. You can just see in her eyes that she loves us right back. Oh that face. I am truly smitten. Sue UK

  6. I wish I could bottle up some of my Winter love for you and send it on.. My heart belongs to Autumn: sweaters, going to the apple orchard and making fried pies, screaming kids dressed up in their finery, having to snuggle to stay warm.. Winter is just MORE.. Lol. You gather wood, make and tend to the fire, restack the wood, carefully tend to the grateful birds at your feeder, Christmas, a brand new year, mittens, wooly socks and soup and chili. You got this. You also have the sweetest girl. Mine has a pale Belly too, and paleness around the muzzle. I kiss it off. Love your posts. Wish you did it a million times a day.

  7. I am an Autumn lover, I love sitting in front of the stove with a yarn project on my lap. I am also a fan of warming foods, soups and casseroles. Cat dog is just adorable and I love those necklaces.

  8. oh please please send us some of that cool wind!! We've not seen high-noon at less than 100F in days and days and over a month since it rained. Our Autumn won't come until the middle of October, boowhoo! I love Autumn.

  9. I understand the dread of winter, especially now that I live in the Mid-west, but fall (and always has been) one of my favorite seasons. For me, there has always been something rather magical about the fall....some of it for the reasons you mentioned, but also because there is just this feeling in the air that I have always been drawn to. Lovely post and a big love you right back at catdog!

  10. Oh my goodness, that sweet doggie face. She is so adorable. How can you ever not give her tons of hugs and kisses?
    Love the necklaces and the wonderful advice your husband gave you.

  11. I do love autum also. It's so pretty and still somewhat a bit warm ( some days). I love the fireplace, the new plans, the soup and meals made in the crockpot ... Oh I love to come home and dinner is already made :). Cats of is so lovely and adorable and I'm so glad she is yours. The necklaces are very pretty and I'm sure you still have lots of time to enjoy them before you start wearing scarves. Happy the doctor know you so well he knows exactly what to say to make you happier. I have been gone, and although my shoulder is still hurting lots I'm starting to knit a bit.

  12. I don't think I would have made it through last winter without you and Alicia. I made a log cabin quilt from my mum's stash (hand-quilted) inspired by you and Alicia's puff stitch crochet blanket and I survived. Catdog is so understanding.

  13. Hello, How could you not love that face, those eyes. We're taking our pup to the beach for the first time tomorrow. Can't wait. Hope she loves the water and sand........... BTW The Doctor knows best! Bex, Shropshire UK

  14. Another Autumn lover here. The scent of wood smoke in the air...days sunny & warm, nights cool enough for burrowing under a quilt or crocheted blanket...making soup again (a weekend ritual) ...roasts & stews for supper...the colors...the light...the perfect Yankee Candle scents...lovelovelove

    Catdog is just the sweetest

  15. I'm a person who LOVES autumn, so I hope you can embrace it!

    Oh that puppy face - please give her a kiss from me. :-)

  16. I am fairly new to your blog, but loving it, and loving that doggy. So sweet!

  17. Let your knitting love shine this Autumn lady - that darn fella is so right. Jo x

  18. I adore autumn but understand it's not for everyone, especially when it signals a long winter. But a pumpkin butterscotch autumn coloured dog might change your mind. She will love walking in the leaves then getting indoors early to snuggle or knit (you can choose which one of you does the knitting) in the warmth.

  19. I haven't stopped by in a long while, and I forgot how much I enjoy your blog. Love your sweet dog, too! If I didn't have four kids ages 0-7, I'd run out and find her twin right away. :)

  20. I have had only Singers, one was a Slant o matic, but don't remember the bobbin system Do you wind your bobbins in place, push a button? Try replacing the bobbins. The plastic eventually wears.

  21. I wish I could get a sense of the "change in the air" here in Minnesota. It's hot! I can't wait for fall. What a lovely puppy.

  22. So funny and endearing to read about your pup twirling to the music! She has a beautiful, sensitive face.


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