Monday, August 3, 2015


The Renaissance Festival! I wish I could show you more of this, but phone photography is hit-and-miss. There is so much to see, and all of it is so fantastic. You might have one of these in your neighborhood too, and it's kind of a particular wonderful and weird sort of thing--stiltwalkers, jugglers, jesters, jousting. If you are two adults alone at the Ren Faire, a few things are probably true: you like costumes, fantasy, history, honey mead, magic, and/or comedy swordfighting and bullwhip acts. You probably know at least a little something about the Druids. You can appreciate how pirates and wizards kind of go together. I love guys in kilts tending to babies in strollers, and t-shirts that say "I walked in to Mordor and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Crafting! It's everywhere. See the guy knitting in the shady glen? That's not just a scarf he's making, either, that's something lacy with a fancy edging. There's all that, and wine slushies, too--wine slushies, what a brilliant invention! It's a good time. We went to the caber toss and kind of became fans of the sport in the first two minutes, getting all knowledgeable about how they score it and everything, thanks to one rough-looking but sweet clansman in a kilt and work boots with an excellent off-color commentary. Summer continues, and it's as hot as it should be, and I am so very happy.