Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lazy, with buttons

It was a holiday, and we went to the beach. I accomplished nothing. Holding up a magazine seemed like a big imposition on my laziness. I was horizontal, with the long straw of a venti iced Americano dangling from the corner of my lip and one eye cocked for the seagulls overhead. I have learned the hard way to put one hand over a drink when seagulls fly over, because they are gunning for you, make no mistake. I love their calls, though. Close your eyes and you are in Mallorca or Nantucket or Fiji. Our local beach (how lucky am I? We have a local beach!) was crammed with other like-minded lazy people who were all heroicially flipping over to pinken the other side of their hides, and music was playing and Kan-Jam was happening (right behind our heads) amongst the under-twenties, who still had some energy and have yet to resort to the kind of determined super-relaxation I specialize in when the sun shines and it is 90 degrees F. I don't get bored. There is so much tattoo-watching to do, and always a dog chasing a frisbee, and a little girl in a sun bonnet digging a tiny hole in the sand with a plastic shovel, and there's whooping in the water, followed by a lot of sleeping. Hours pass, and I always have no idea where the time went. Suddenly it is four o'clock and we're whipped and sunburned and exhausted from all the lounging around. Time to go home and rinse off the seaweed. Summer. I love you so much. Please come back.

I did manage to squeeze in fifteen minutes of crafting this weekend and made these shell button pendants, using 18 gauge dead-soft silver wire and a big handful of vintage shell buttons from my stash. Ethel brought me that big white one from somewhere in her travels, and I was so happy to find a lovely, perfect way to use it. This took hardly a minute--check out this tutorial if you want to make one--and good luck making just one; you'll be looking at all your buttons in a whole new way.