Friday, September 11, 2015

Socks in palette

The socks I just finished somehow match the porch rug, which I didn't notice until I went out there and stood on it while wearing them. Is this something that happens to you all, too? This happens to me all the time, that whatever I'm working on completely matches everything around me. I look down at the crochet in my lap and it looks exactly like the dress I'm wearing.


The blanket that looked like the zinnias on the table. The granny squares that look like the curtain and also my coffee mug. I have a palette. I am predictable.


There it is again. It's completely unintentional, I swear.


I've been knitting socks a lot lately, trying to replace a lot of pairs that finally gave up the ghost and had to be thrown out. (I have a rule: I will only darn a sock twice. After that, out it goes.) I had a sock mojo phase a few years ago and cranked them out at a rate that now seems ridiculous--about one pair a week, yikes!--and since I made them all at about the same time, they are all wearing out at the same time, too. So it's socks around here. These are in some kind of mutating vareigated handpaint, and of course I forget by whom. The colorway is "Netherfield" which naturally I remember, because it's totally the reason I bought it. And of course, more socks means more sock yarn leftovers, so...

I'm determined. This blanket is happening.