Sunday, October 25, 2015

A cotton-candy striped party sweater for the catdog

This was pretty much inevitable. Any dog who has a heated bed with her own handmade quilt and bobble-trimmed feather pillow--I'm not exaggerating--is bound to get a handknit sweater eventually. It is just possible that somebody around here is spoiled...fancy organic venison dog food, anyone?

[I'll admit that part of me made this only because of how cute it looks on her...]

Does she need a sweater? According to the vet, she doesn't. Would she like one? I think most definitely. This dog would nap with her head directly in the fireplace if it weren't for the glass front. She gets up on the couch to stick her cold feet underneath my leg. She presses her face against the blowing furnace vent and sighs with a deep, rattling moan of contentment. She likes to be warm. Well, what kind of knitter would I be to deny her the great pleasures of a handknit pullover, fancy with cotton candy stripes?

The pattern is here. I made the large size for the 44-pound Catdog, and used all acrylic yarns--vintage, thrifted, the kind of yarns that are made with "Orlon" and have an outer layer of armor. They come in those sausage-shaped skeins and have 59 cent price tags. You know the ones I mean. This yarn is, um, durable. Five billion years from now when the sun has swallowed the earth in a cataclysmic supernova, the only thing left, floating alone in the silent vastness of the Milky Way, will be this dog sweater. Catdog, you're welcome.

Nobody around here is going to be cold. Not on my watch.