Friday, October 23, 2015



It is so beautiful here. I will not use the word is apple-y and mushroomy, and the sky is ripe with charcoal clouds, and mornings are gold. You can breathe with satisfaction. Color is so abundant, and so vivid that I am inspired to take up oil painting, have a rummage in the attic for Grandma's brushes, collected in a paint-spattered wood box. We walk after dark when it's quiet, wearing wool hats with big pompoms on top, feeling snug and jaunty, holding hands. Shadows and honking geese and a tiny, trembling deer mouse, lost in our cellar, captured and turned loose into the leaves. Spicy woodsmoke. Catdog and I nap beside the fire--she is a top-notch appreciator of a nice nap in a warm spot. I plan more striped and patterned projects in a bright fall palette, because wow. It's working. Fall is nice.