Friday, October 16, 2015



The madness of fall sweater knitting is fully upon me. Here's another one, finished, which makes four so far this year, and I haven't worn any of them yet, because it has been just so relentlessly nice outside, and I do appreciate that, really I do. Somehow, it hasn't made me stop knitting sweaters. I'm ready to start another. Madness. So, they pile up. I do have a lot of handknit sweaters (the more I look at that word, sweater, the more I hate it; sweater. Sweater. Yuck.) but I have a strategy for managing them. If I love it a lot because it fits well and makes me feel good when I put it on, I wear it into the ground, until it's full of holes and falling apart. I love it when that happens. If I like it right now, I wear it for awhile, a few seasons or maybe years, and then either donate it or unravel it, to stash the yarn for another day. If I don't like it at all (this happens a surprising lot of the time, because I am known to make things just for the sake of making them, and I am unapologetic about that) I sometimes throw it on the fire. Okay, I only did that once. Usually, I donate my handknits when I lose interest in them, or take them apart to recycle the yarn.

I am not about to stop knitting sweaters (urgh...) any time soon, so that's my solution. Pass them on, or recycle. The closet is bulging with clothes I actually love already, so it's not like I don't have anything to wear. I like to knit. There. So, this striped pullover (oh, that's so much better) which I LOVED knitting, is probably not going to be worn into tatters. It is a little too big. Sad face! It feels like it might do for a weekend layering piece for awhile. I considered felting it, and I still might do that, if I get to feeling reckless. A good, solid felting might be just what this thing needs to be perfect...ack, it's scary, though. There's no control over how it shrinks, and I'm likely to end up with something short and wide, strangling at the neck, with no salvaging other than to cut it up into potholders. I happen to know that this yarn--KnitPicks Palette, mostly--is just dying to felt. It wants to felt with a barely-concealed longing. Palette is not a yarn that will forgive that one mistaken trip through the wash, oh no. Felting will be a huge leap into the unknown. We'll see how I feel about it after awhile.

I love Palette, though. It comes in a huge array of colors, with wonderfully evocative names: Lichen, Mermaid, Fedora. The color-namer at KnitPicks is brilliant. What colors did I use? Oh dear, I knew you were going to ask me that...I tried, really I did. I made a little sample card and everything, but then I ripped out the first version of this project and started over with different colors, and it became slightly less organized. Okay, let's see: I know I used Pumice Heather, Mauve, Lichen, Sagebrush, Turmeric, Seafaring, Blossom Heather, Urchin, and Almond. (Aren't those great names? Urchin!!!) At that point, I stash-dove for other things that were leftover and label-less, but I know there was Green Tea, Wallaby, Oregon Coast Heather, and Mineral Heather, and then also Mist and Navy from Jamieson's, too. That might be all of it...I really don't know why it's such a challenge to keep track of these things. Anyway. Palette is a fingering-weight yarn, so this pullover is an EPS garment, and was worked on US 3 needles, in a stripe sequence inspired by Kate Davies' yoke-construction version of Milano by Carol Sunday. All crazy and ill-advised color choices here are my own.

There really won't be a whole new finished sweater (bleah...) here every week. I don't think.