Monday, November 16, 2015


This big, exciting, gray-and-cream-striped blanket in garter stitch (snore) is still growing. I feel like I make progress, and then it turns out that nope, I haven't, because hours and hours of knitting have gone by and I am still working on this same blanket, still toiling at the same cream stripe I was working on when dirt was invented. This came with me on a long road trip, and it was wonderfully warm on my lap in the car, although it is really too big to be a traveling project and I had to clamber out from underneath it, sweating, every time we had to stop, and I totally thought that progress would be made during all those confined hours with nothing to do but knit, but it is not noticeably bigger in any way. It must be bigger! It must! I knit all the way home! Through that traffic jam in Cleveland! Over this bridge and that one and the other one too! I knit after dark, by the glow of the dashboard lights. I was committed, people. How is this thing still on the needles? News flash: blankets are big.