Friday, November 20, 2015

In a state


Well, I really have to clean around here. The state of the house is appalling. I started a list of things to do but then I just crossed it all out and wrote "Clean Everything". I can't be bringing a christmas tree in here until I run a mop over this place. Look at that orchid, blooming like a boss. Getting an orchid to bloom always makes me feel like I am fooling somebody important, because it seems like they will find any reason at all to not bloom again, and indeed to rot away in the pot and die. A blooming orchid is a huge and amazing feat of miracle to me, every time.

Speaking of christmas, do you think I can make this dead tree full of fake crows work for the holidays? I hate to take it down, because I love it so much--it is delicious with that Shrunken Head poster from the Mutter Museum behind it. Spooky. I'm having quite an internal debate about this one. What if I put the little paper christmas village around it, with the dead tree and crows hulking malevolently overhead? Okay, now I hear how that sounds...really, I just don't want to clean the house, I'd rather be knitting.

Or sewing. Our local JoAnn's is closing (WAH! I know!) and it's giving me kind of a panicky feeling, so I went in there and bought up a bunch of fabric destined for nothing in particular, just stuff I liked. What should I make? I can't start another quilt, I haven't finished the last three yet. I kind of want to make a skirt [like these] but I'm not sure I can do it without a pattern. Maybe it's time to delve into this, I've always admired that one. Will need more fabric, panic panic...

I need to finish this, too. This is a thrifted cashmere sweater that is moving from turtleneck to cardigan. I don't know why it isn't done already because it should be a snap--a little blanket stitch around all the raw edges, and that's it. More on this to come. First, I have to clean the house. Ugh.



  1. Oh Kristen, we seem to be in the same state of mind. My cleaning house days are next week before the big holiday of eating and merry making :0) My cottage is tiny, so it won't take that long, but I do have to plan since at this moment, my yarn is all over the place :0)

    I like your tree...add color to it. Maybe knitted ornaments or knitted birds to go with the crows. just a thought...

    Enjoy the time cleaning :D


  2. It must be the time of year. but cleaning is very high on my agenda too but I am so engrossed with crafting and preparing for Christmas I am struggling to tear myself away. There is always tomorrow.

  3. Who wants to clean when you can be knitting? I agree with maybe adding a little color to your tree and it should work just fine.
    Blessings, Betsy

  4. I need to get moving on the cleaning too - and what's with only three quilts in the works? You need to start another one. It keeps life more interesting.

  5. Do crows like bright shiny things? We have no crows here so I don't know. Even the most curmudgeonly old crow would like a bit of festive sparkle to gussy up his tree. How about some forest animals gathering festively and chattily under the tree for the crows to keep their beady eyes on?

  6. You might want to prop up the Orchid flowers with another stake. They like to have something to hang on to. Love the look of the cashmere cardi. The charity shops around here are getting wise to pricing their cashmere but the other day, I scooped a gorgeous black scarf -100% cashmere - for a bargain price so quickly paid for it before anyone noticed their mistake (I also bought a coffee table at the same place so had already spent over my budget!). Good cleaning weekend to you. x

  7. I have to clean too but I am dreading it. I am blaming my sore back for not getting it done, can you make up a sore back so you don't have to clean? Nuts, you are married to a Doctor, that won't work!

  8. Kristen, I know what you mean about...the cleaning.

    In the midst of many other items on my list, written on a scrap of paper, I finally got to scratch off Vacuum today. What a thrill.

    Now I am back to my own part of Santa's workshop, working on my watercolor painted Christmas teacups cards. I love doing them each year...but always seem to fall behind a prime elf production timetable.


  9. That's a good fabric haul. Too bad your source is closing:( I like the Alicia skirt too, but hesitate because I'm so short - don't know if I can pull it off.
    I just cleaned for the Thanksgiving crowd so I'm done, phew! Now onto the shopping for food part of the list. Why do these pesky chores have to get in the way? The only list I like is the one that says "Make pretty things".

  10. Housework is over rated, and it's always there, so I figure no rush to do it. Reading, sewing , gardening on the other hand is much more important. Keep that old dead tree and use it for hanging Christmas decorations of some sort. Love all your fabric purchases too.

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