Friday, November 20, 2015

In a state


Well, I really have to clean around here. The state of the house is appalling. I started a list of things to do but then I just crossed it all out and wrote "Clean Everything". I can't be bringing a christmas tree in here until I run a mop over this place. Look at that orchid, blooming like a boss. Getting an orchid to bloom always makes me feel like I am fooling somebody important, because it seems like they will find any reason at all to not bloom again, and indeed to rot away in the pot and die. A blooming orchid is a huge and amazing feat of miracle to me, every time.

Speaking of christmas, do you think I can make this dead tree full of fake crows work for the holidays? I hate to take it down, because I love it so much--it is delicious with that Shrunken Head poster from the Mutter Museum behind it. Spooky. I'm having quite an internal debate about this one. What if I put the little paper christmas village around it, with the dead tree and crows hulking malevolently overhead? Okay, now I hear how that sounds...really, I just don't want to clean the house, I'd rather be knitting.

Or sewing. Our local JoAnn's is closing (WAH! I know!) and it's giving me kind of a panicky feeling, so I went in there and bought up a bunch of fabric destined for nothing in particular, just stuff I liked. What should I make? I can't start another quilt, I haven't finished the last three yet. I kind of want to make a skirt [like these] but I'm not sure I can do it without a pattern. Maybe it's time to delve into this, I've always admired that one. Will need more fabric, panic panic...

I need to finish this, too. This is a thrifted cashmere sweater that is moving from turtleneck to cardigan. I don't know why it isn't done already because it should be a snap--a little blanket stitch around all the raw edges, and that's it. More on this to come. First, I have to clean the house. Ugh.