Monday, December 14, 2015

Charms and Layers


Trending: Long chains, decked out with charms. Also, layering. The doctor said, "I know what you're doing there. You're layering your jewelry." If even he knows it's called layering, then it's a thing, ya'll. This appeals to me, all the charms and layers. It reminds me of my high school BFF, who has already done everything cool, way before anybody else even thought of it--she was layering and charming back in 1986, wearing all her jewelry all at once, even in gym class, letting it get all tangled up; she had moxie, let me tell you.

So last night I got out the beads and the pliers and the wire and the jump rings and with much squinting in the darkness [we are turning on the lamps at 12:30 here right now. Mr. Golden Sun, pleeeease shine down on me?] and spent an hour making all these. I used two gray pearls, a couple mother-of-pearl things, and that teardrop-shaped gem at the bottom, which may or may not be a Labradorite--Ethel, who is my handy gemstone expert, was not sure. It is gray-green, with black flecks and flashes of iridescence. It looks like something that might have magical properties.

It looks moody, like the sky outside the window. Trying to light up, a little bit, but ultimately gray and murky.

Don't you love it when things turn out just like you hoped they would, and you have all the right materials and you can even find them all without an extensive search, and nothing breaks or fails or anything? When it all hangs together just right, on the first try, which almost never happens? Oh, how I love that.