Saturday, December 19, 2015



Efforts to contain the yarn scraps have broken down. Things are out of hand. Also, I am a little bit sick of knitting right now, and wow, you guys, did you know that crochet is FAST? Seriously, this is a highly rewarding rabbit hole to fall down on a Saturday. This use-up-the-scraps scarf is appearing out of nowhere. I do love that about crochet. It's having a medicinal effect on me too, actually, being that I started it in an almost blind panic over worrying about the catdog...

...who is home from the hospital now and feeling more herself, after having eaten almost an entire POUND (gulp) of chocolate from underneath the christmas tree. Oh my goodness. There was a treacherous, hour-long, chocolate vomit-scented race to the doggie Emergency Room, followed by hospitalization and pacing and then me giving the doggie hospital all my nickels in eternal gratitude for having kept my beautiful catdog alive while the poison worked its way through her. She is now--how to describe this--looking a little road-weary, and a fair bit wiser around the eyes. Slightly blackened at the back end. Hungover. And you should see ME. [Gray and wasted-looking. Unwashed, sleep deprived, and burnt. Two blackened holes in a blanket, as my daddy would have said. Nap is imminent.] The need for something soothing and easy and very gently engaging was tremendous; thus, this scrappy scarf project. Sc, ch1, repeat. Change colors now and then. Weave in an end. Breathe. Keep going.

I doubt I'll be wanting to eat any chocolate any time soon, which is fine, because I have banned it from the house. Sweet, gorgeous Catdog. I'm so sorry. I love you so. Crochet, crochet, crochet.