Friday, January 8, 2016



January. Those end of the year holidays are such a fulsome thing, with houseguests and piles of food and friends and there is much joy, and the stress of keeping all the gifty secrets half kills me every year, because I am an open book and the doc is a very, very clever man who knows everything before I do, and trying to stay ahead of him in the surprise game is a losing battle. He tells me he was surprised, but it wouldn't be beyond him to say so, just to make me feel good. So January always feels like a reset button, and I am inclined to lie down for awhile when it gets here. There was actual sunshine this morning, streaming through my window, and I spent a long time being lazy there in it, waking and dozing again, under the warm, rumply quilts.

Winter is being so kind to me this year, and I can't even express my relief. The sky this morning was pink.

I started this hodgepodge triangular scarf thing a few weeks ago, using my four precious skeins of Shelter from Loop in Philadelphia, and was into the edging at the end of the whole thing when I decided I didn't like it very much and unraveled it. This lofty, fluffy, rustic yarn is so nice, but it didn't want to be this.

This project been consuming most of my quiet day--it is the Nenna Cardigan by Christina Korber-Reith, in Berroco Vintage DK, "Elderberry"; yarn and pattern both chosen by my lovely mama, who asked me if I would knit it for her. Well, of course! I made a pot of coffee, set my Pandora app to Frank Sinatra Radio (he slays me, ya'll) and began decoding the eighteen pages of pattern instructions. Friends, this thing is making me feel like a rookie.