Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Team Hats

Team hats! Too nerdy? I love these. These hats are what has become of the beloved tiny stash of Shelter that I bought at Loop last fall. I think there's enough left for one more, but since we are a team of two at the moment (Philly! Italy! Take care of my babies!) I think two team hats is enough. The matching hot pink pompoms really sell the whole thing, I think. Somebody chased us down the noodle aisle of the health food store on Saturday just to tell us how great the hats were, and I am convinced it is the matching hot pink pompominess that makes them so pursuable.

Doesn't he look great in it? He's really game for anything. This pattern (The Conversationalist by the Plucky Knitter) is all kinds of things I love: simple, adaptable, uses up the scraps, FREE--what more could you ask? The pattern has taken off like mad, and while simple, striped, worsted-weight hats and their patterns are abundant in the world, this one is for one thing actually slouchy-- (I'm looking at you, every single other hat I've ever made) and it is for another thing shown in the pattern photos in lots of bright colors, which makes you want to knit a whole bunch of them, and is why I dragged that hot pink Not Shelter yarn up out of the stash to use for the pompoms. It's a lightly spun single with very little twist, called something like "Bit O' Sheep" or " Full O' Wool" or something equally weird--I think it's discontinued and I don't have the label, so my recollections are old and vague, but it has survived many a stash purge, because I knew it would be perfect for something, and here is that something. I used my cardboard circles method (I talked about it here) for these, and they are plenty full and fluffy. Oh, and the Shelter colors, in case you're wondering, are Sap, Postcard, Foothills, and Thistle.

I'm so happy it's a little bit cold right now. That sounded weird to me, too. Also, someone else is pretty happy:
Catdog, in motion. You don't see that very often, do you?