Thursday, February 4, 2016



It feels like this weird non-winter is really almost over. I know all the old farmers around here would laugh in my face for saying that, but I saw a fully-budded forsythia yesterday, and I'm taking that as a sign. I don't know if it's because of the mild winter, or because of the catdog [it's because of the catdog] but this season has been so lovely. I can't remember the last time I could say that. I have loved this winter, and nobody who knows me will believe it. The catdog and I are doing more training work, which is honestly the most fun thing in the world. She sits with her ears alert, tail scrubbing the floor, and studies me for information. She figures everything out immediately. She hops into position like a little bunny and earns extra points for style. When I go across the room and then call her, she barrels toward me like a runaway train, ears and lips flying, then skids to a stop just short of a crash. It's just wonderful.

Puttering and crafts: I have been making things, and as soon as there is some sunlight around here, I'll show you some of them. Lots of dresses, with ideas for more dresses. I feel a little bit like I've cracked a code on this whole making a dress thing. So much for any notions about minimalism or capsule wardrobes. I've got dress fever! In between cutting up my whole fabric stash to make clothes, the Nenna cardigan is growing (size 4 needles! Are small! I'ma try to get this done before summer!) and I found some Berroco Folio in a beautiful shade of blue/gray which means a lacy scarf is also on the needles. More covered lampshades--seriously, no lampshade is safe from me now. It takes an hour, some glue. Big, huge results. It looks completely professional, which is kinda not how anything I do ever looks, and is thus miraculous.