Friday, February 12, 2016


I've got a case of the starting stuff. Nothing at all is anywhere near being finished. This is strangely stressful, and even more strangely, the antidote seems to be to start more stuff. This giant granny is so much FUN to work on, and I am always amazed by the quantity of colorful scraps I manage to scrounge up; the scraps always seem so gray. I think it's going to head into gray territory very soon, though, and I think that's going to be awesome, too.
Nenna is taking forever. I hope my lovely mama isn't sitting at home all chilly and needing this cardigan anytime soon, because I haven't even got the body done yet, nevermind the sleeves. I promise I am working on this. I know, it is hard to tell.
With no need of any more hats, a little plain work was required. Enter this very, very plain project--a triangle in stockinette. I can tell you the pattern right now: CO 3, work in stockinette, increasing one stitch at each end of every row, until it's big enough or your yarn runs out or you slip into a deep, ennui-induced coma. This is one of those "process-or-product" things that makes you ask yourself why on earth you would want to put yourself through it, or at least you ask yourself that until you start knitting it, when you fall into a peaceful trance, and you remember that's why. And then, when it's finished, you wrap up in it every day for the rest of your life and silently thank those who taught you to knit. So yeah, I am working on this a lot, too.
Which means I'm not working on this blanket as much as I should be. This blanket is exactly the same kind of thing--soothing and meditative, trance-inducing--except that it's been on the needles a lot longer, and is therefore getting stale. I don't know how else to describe it. I keep thinking this is almost finished, has GOT to be almost finished, but in fact it is just over halfway finished. That's a little bit crushing, since I feel like I've been knitting this blanket since the day after I was born. I've been knitting this for so long that the shop where I bought the yarn is now closed.
Which brings me to the sock yarn blanket. I am so sick of this thing. Why is this not done yet? I feel like I work on it continuously [that's a lie, I hardly ever work on it] and have certainly been looking at it for a hundred years. People, do not start knitting a blanket unless you have stamina for a long haul, because a crochet blanket will become finished someday, while your knitted blanket will lie there mocking you, a basket full of squares. You will luxuriate beneath your crocheted blanket for many decades while your half-finished knitted blanket will continue to haunt your dreams. Also, trying to make a blanket using sock yarn is just asking for a headache. Sock yarn is small! You'd think I might know this by now. There are a whole lot of these squares left to go, and a whole lot of sock yarn leftovers, and not a single excuse in the world to just stop knitting them and make a teeny blanket that won't do me any good. Onward.
Naturally, I cast on a shawl. I mean, isn't it obvious? Also, isn't it obvious that I would knit this on long, straight needles, of the sort that hit the arms of the chair and get hung up in everything all the time?
I started another sweater last night. Because Madelinetosh. You know. It's some kind of fever, I think. Watch for a lot of finished objects to start showing up around here. Sometime.