Friday, May 6, 2016



Thank you all for your kind comments about my Springfield Dress. I really do love the way that turned out. Eventually it will be warm enough outside to wear it. I mean, it has to get warm someday. Right? Isn't that just science? Sigh. Anyway, one idea always leads to another, so I have begun work on another stranded, multi-colored, wacky design. This is fully inspired (via Kay Gardiner's epic project) by Kaffe Fassett and his casual and serene approach to color work, which is kind of along the lines of If you like that color, go ahead and stick it in the sweater somewhere, no big deal. I love that kind of thing. Random stripes of color, bisected as you please by another random color, figuring it out as you go. Just do what you like. Knit what you want. Wear what you feel like wearing. Make a beautiful thing. That's what I'm doing--I just chose a bunch of yarns from the stash, picked something from my Alice Starmore book of charted knitting patterns, and cast the hell on. Just do it.

I can't remember now where I read this [Pinterest? Instagram? Urgh, you'll have to excuse me because I am almost fifty years old and can't remember stuff anymore] but somebody quoted somebody else on the subject of creativity, and it really stuck with me--well, parts of it did, as much as things can stick with me anymore--that doubts about your creative work (is this good enough? Will people like it? Will anybody want/need/appreciate this thing I am cooking up from scratch?) while being a usual part of the process, should not be allowed to proliferate. Hey, negative thoughts! Get gone. Thus, a crazy-striped cardigan in Every Color is growing on my knitting needles.

In other news, I can't stop listening to this song. I am overflowing with joy about it. If you remember this, you know how I feel about the Monkees. I know everyone else is all Prince and Beyoncé right now, but not me. "She Makes Me Laugh" is my anthem for this summer.

Also, and this is really the highlight of my week, I am so proud to tell you all that my beautiful Catdog has earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate, which means she is, officially, a Very Good Dog. She got a blue ribbon and everything. Oh my goodness, I am busting at the seams. Good girl. You did it! Xoxo