Thursday, July 28, 2016


We have established, I think, that I like gray.

And black, and brown, and oatmeal, and all the neutrals, really.

So what the heck is up with this chartreuse pullover?

I asked myself the same question. As you know, unless I am working with gray, I am virtually always riddled with doubts. [Holy cow, this yarn--Malabrigo Worsted, in "Lettuce"--is really pretty green. Quite green. Awfully green. I mean, looks like guacamole. It looks like grass clippings. Can a person wear this color, really?]. Knit on and on, enjoying the simplicity of the plain rounds, the supreme softness of the Malabrigo. Snuggle it. Worry about it. Love it in theory, in the skein and in the wound-up ball. Periodically hold it up next to face beside mirror. [Will people ask me if I'm feeling okay?].

I asked a friend what color she thought this was. She said, "Umm." I said, "The label says 'Lettuce'." She said, "Hmm."

Maybe it's the magical soft summer light, or maybe it's Doc's crazy photography skills, or maybe I was right in my uncharacteristic boldness when I chose this yarn, but heck yeah. I am feeling fine.

Pattern: Mediumweight Pullover by Hannah Fettig.