Monday, July 18, 2016

Sonoma Stole, finished


You guys, I can't even. Fringe! Stripes! All The Colors! I love this stole so much.

It was tremendously absorbing to work on, it used up (well, almost) a bunch of leftovers--I had a big pile of KnitPicks Palette leftover from my failed Milano--and, as you can see, it provided a lot of opportunity for color play, which, apart from long stretches of plain stockinette stitch and also The Monkees, is my favorite thing in the world.

This is the Sonoma Stole, designed by Carol Sunday, a ribbed, biasing, crescent-shaped wrap with the fringe built in as you go, which means that even with all those color changes, there are no ends to weave in. I know, right? That pattern, in the beginning, is a pretty good-sized brain teaser; you've got to keep a lot of different things straight all at once, but hoo! Worth it. I love all that fringe-y, stripey, wooly goodness. And I got the hang of it pretty quickly, and once that happened, I hardly worked on anything else.

Also, if there's something in my closet that it won't match, I don't know what it is.


Knitting as art again. I'm so interested in that right now. It's hot here today, though, too hot for a scarf, and here's hoping it stays that way. I'm happy to tuck this away for a good long time.