Thursday, July 7, 2016


Not to harp on about the weather, but July is winning this year so far. Friends, it is so hot here, and so humid, and the grass is so brown and dead, and I just could not be happier. I know I'm all alone in this, but I LOVE the heat. Bring it. Tropical weather makes my bones feel good. Nobody else I know agrees with me about this, and they all try to convince me about how pretty snow is. What a load. Nope, I love summer. Anyway.

As I try to decide which sweater to make next--so many choices!--I am meanwhile knitting this stole, designed by Carol Sunday, and it is consumingly interesting. I am enamored. I have been very uncharacteristically monogamous with this stole. These yarns are all leftover from my failed, felted, and cut-up-to-make-a-hat sorta Milano, and what is it about stripes anyway, but hoo! It's so much fun, I can't stop. It is already halfway finished, which, since this is knit with fingering weight yarn and tiny needles, is crazy, but there you go. Which color comes next? Is it too early to add the mustard again? Ah, I love that dirty olive green. I can't wait to see what happens. It's the best kind of project.

Thank you all for your wonderfully helpful suggestions about the tunic-over-leggings conundrum. I am in search now of some lovely linen, and am envisioning a lot of hand-dyeing in the summer sunshine. Linen tunics in every color, coming up.


  1. Oh I agree with you about the snow and the warmth! I don't like it hot, hot, hot! But I do like it warm. And I detest shoveling snow. I think your stoole is turning out beautifully. I'm finding myself knitting a lot of wraps and shawls right now also.

  2. I am a fan of the heat, but easy for me to say we don't get a lot here on the East Coast of England. Love the beautiful colour combination of the stole.

  3. I bought all the yarn for that pattern but when I started reading looked so complicated! Is is easier than it looks??

    1. It is a bit of a brain teaser at the beginning, but I got the hang of it midway through the first section. I wouldn't say it's complicated, but it is a little fussy. You gotta peer at the pattern and pay attention, but it's not too bad. :)

  4. My friend, you are alone with the heat - give me the snow anytime (and I'm an avid gardener). Cannot take the Hudson Valley humidity.
    I love your scarf - love anything that even hints at Carol Sunday.
    There is a great source of discounted linen at and also - in Norwalk, CT a mecca called Banksville Fabrics where they select designer linens and bring them home from the city and deep discount them. You can get any color, weight ... swoon

  5. oops - that's for the great linen

  6. Oh I love stripes! So glad you're getting the use out of the Milano yarn. I loved that sweater and it's nice the see the stripes coming again.

  7. What wonderful colours, they work very well together, it looks an exciting knit to make x

  8. Oh I love these colours you have chosen, and what an amazing scarf/stole it's going to be. I've just been on the Purl soho website and they have the most gorgeous handkerchief linens in every colour under the sun. I'm with you on the grass turning brown - a sure sign of a good summer in my book. Unfortunately here in the UK my grass is still green as it has been cool and extremely wet so far.

  9. The way you combine your colors says this is going to be awesome. Just discovered Carol Sunday - what a treat.
    Found a linen/rayon blend in dark plum today at Joann's, couldn't believe my luck. And a 50% off coupon!
    Maybe some online too?

  10. I've had that pattern in my queue forever so am super keen to see how yours turns out and whether you enjoyed the pattern itself. Linen tunic sounds awesome! x

  11. i'm definitely a winter lover, but my aching joints love the hot, humid summer! You would think that would be enough to win me over, but sadly no. I'm melting this year.

  12. I am with you! Bring on the heat! :-)

  13. Kristen, I am thinking that there might be some sort of card game where the participants try to accumulate enough cards in the season of their win. Four suits, four seasons? Think how beautiful the faces of the cards might be.

    Perhaps as lovely as your growing shawl. Stripes are endlessly inspiring wherever we might see them. Rows in a garden, pencils or chalks or markers displayed in an art shop, layers of a cake or lasagna. And so forth.

    The current heat and humidity that is giving NYC a summer bear hug does not suit me at all...and yet I do continue to experiment with some knitting. Cotton yarns featured in cooler June, but now I've returned to wool. Well, for a while.

    I forgot to comment on your tunic post. I love the look, and it certainly was a mainstay of the design team of my former employer. That is also where I had the pleasure to get to know Lotta J a bit as she would usually do an event at our shop each year as part of a SoHo festival sponsored by The New Yorker Magazine. She is lovely with a joyous energy.

    I think we bonded a bit with our trading stories about the silk screen technique.

    And so Kristen, I wish you much joy in July. I am already figuring out where I might spend tomorrow. Possibly the Japanese galleries at the Met. Cool in multiple ways.