Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A computer sleeve and a dream


Almost everything I make is for me, mostly because I am aware that not everyone has the same enthusiasm for nifty little sewn doodads and stuff with buttons and things made out of scraps as I have. My enthusiasm runneth over, ya'll, and if I can make it myself, well, get out of my way, because I am dropping everything and crafting. However, and I know this will shock some of you--there are people out there who would rather...hold on to something, this is hard to hear...get stuff from a store. Well. NOT TODAY, FRIENDS. Not today.

The doctor asked me to make him something. Running through my head right now is a long list of the crafty stuff I have foisted upon this man over the years--the very first socks I ever knitted come to mind, which he didn't even laugh at, and which would have fit an elephant, and the vest I gave him for christmas that hung down to his knees like a weird tunic--and still, he showed me his fancy new laptop, which is thinner than a stick of gum and looks like a stiff wind would break it, and he asked me to sew him a sleeve for it, "like the one you made for yours" [Aw! He noticed something I made!] "only less flowery." I did, in an effort to have this thing look slightly more Pro, try and fail to install a zipper, and in the end he had to accept my usual button-closure treatment, but he did so graciously.

Look at the fabric he chose for the lining:

Skulls. It glows in the dark. There is so much to love about this guy.