Monday, August 29, 2016

Pretty Socks


Goodness, these socks are so pretty. I hadn't ever really thought about socks being pretty before--socks are kind of utilitarian for me, and I've made some that were wacky and could only wear them around the house, and some that were plain, but in pretty yarn that didn't get worn very much either, but these are just completely lovely, and I want to wear them all the time. Maybe the trick is pretty pattern + plain yarn, instead of the other way around?

These are the Longing For Gotland socks, designed by Pia Kammeborn (pattern is here) and I knit them in Quince and Co. Finch, colors "Storm", "Frost", and "Nasturtium". On size ZERO needles, which are the size of toothpicks. And it was fun, fun, fun! I think I'll make about seven more pairs of these.

I haven't really longed for Gotland, myself, but I might start now.