Friday, August 19, 2016

Putting the sweat in sweater


I am beside myself with wanting to show you this thing in action, but friends, it is so hot here, and I just can't right now. I will, and soon, because dang, it turned out really well--look at those luscious cables! And that collar! It stands up against the back of my neck and snuggles there like a sweaty hug. Hoo! In a few months, I'll love that. When the weather shuts up, I'll put on the flannel plaid button shirt and skinny jeans and boots that this pullover [Hitch, by Vanessa Ewing] is begging for, and you'll be able to see the whole thing, but today the white hot sun is blaring down at me like the gigantic nuclear furnace it really is, and I don't want to put on this gorgeously thick, fluffy, wooly, cozy, cuddly, smooshy sweater, not even for the two minutes it would take to snap a photo.

I had to block it three times--the third time was my own fault--and I might still cut away the clumsy cuffs and redo them, and I'm not really 100% committed to the buttons, but my love for this finished garment is pretty huge. I've got the cable fever, got it bad. I want to make this now. I am dreaming of fall, and kind of hoping for a sidewalk full of leaves to shoosh through. Wishing for cooler weather! What? I hardly recognize myself. A sweater like this will do that to a person.