Thursday, August 4, 2016


Sewing! Oh, sewing. The thing is that unless I'm doing it by hand, sewing requires a lot of tools, and I have been totally spoiled by knitting and crochet, which, of course, requires nothing but string and a fancy stick or two--the simplicity of that is honestly one of the main reasons I love knitting and crocheting so much. Just having my work in progress in a basket beside my chair where I can pick it up anytime I have a few spare minutes is so delicious to me. But on the other hand, ya'll, sewing is FAST, and I just love the stuff I end up with when I do get out all the tools and make the mess. There will be pieces of thread stuck to my shirt all day no matter what I do, but whatever. This little doodad (with a dreaded zipper, argh, zippers...where's the zipper foot, now I need a teeny screwdriver, and I'm probably going to break at least one needle as I inevitably run over something metal, and also interfacing, now where the heck did I stash the interfacing, and definitely an iron now that I think about it...see what I mean? I'm tired already) is the Petal Pouch by Anna Graham, from the [oh my goodness, so wonderful] Making magazine--If you dithered too long and didn't get a copy of Making, I am so sorry to tell you it's now sold out. It's really awfully pretty to look at. Anyway, ever since I saw a photo of the inside of Martha Stewart's handbag, all scrupulously tidy and orderly with nothing but zippered bags containing the tiny detritus that accumulates in a person's handbag, I, a natural slob who craves order, have had an insatiable need for zippered bags. This is one of many in my life, and there will be many more. I should probably put the zipper foot where I'll know where to find it.