Thursday, August 4, 2016


Sewing! Oh, sewing. The thing is that unless I'm doing it by hand, sewing requires a lot of tools, and I have been totally spoiled by knitting and crochet, which, of course, requires nothing but string and a fancy stick or two--the simplicity of that is honestly one of the main reasons I love knitting and crocheting so much. Just having my work in progress in a basket beside my chair where I can pick it up anytime I have a few spare minutes is so delicious to me. But on the other hand, ya'll, sewing is FAST, and I just love the stuff I end up with when I do get out all the tools and make the mess. There will be pieces of thread stuck to my shirt all day no matter what I do, but whatever. This little doodad (with a dreaded zipper, argh, zippers...where's the zipper foot, now I need a teeny screwdriver, and I'm probably going to break at least one needle as I inevitably run over something metal, and also interfacing, now where the heck did I stash the interfacing, and definitely an iron now that I think about it...see what I mean? I'm tired already) is the Petal Pouch by Anna Graham, from the [oh my goodness, so wonderful] Making magazine--If you dithered too long and didn't get a copy of Making, I am so sorry to tell you it's now sold out. It's really awfully pretty to look at. Anyway, ever since I saw a photo of the inside of Martha Stewart's handbag, all scrupulously tidy and orderly with nothing but zippered bags containing the tiny detritus that accumulates in a person's handbag, I, a natural slob who craves order, have had an insatiable need for zippered bags. This is one of many in my life, and there will be many more. I should probably put the zipper foot where I'll know where to find it.


  1. I love that! It looks so professionally done.

  2. Sweet little thing! Pretty fabric and a nice shape. Great job, Kristen :-). Greetings, Nata xxx

  3. It looks adorable!

    I've been sewing too many pouches lately, and I've found that if I use a fleece interfacing and sew with the interfacing side up I don't need the zipper foot. The lines are crisp and clean and the pouch looks great when it's finished.

    1. Wow, sounds intriguing. Can't visualize it, though. Even the topstitching? Hmmmm!

  4. Kristen, although I have in the past been quite a seamstress, I completely agree with you now about preferring knitting and crocheting, for the simplicity of tools and the complexity one can add as one wishes. Like the slow food movement, there is something wonderful to see what loop over loop can produce.

    Zippers! I once sewed them all in by hand, and then mastered the invisible zipper insertion technique, and then...just sort of stopped wanting to sew anything involving a zipper.

    Hey...that didn't mean that I don't greatly admire your new little pouch. Bravo also for getting ahold of the beautiful Making magazine. I dithered too long, but that is how it is sometimes....


  5. Cute! Totally agree - if all the sewing tools aren't handy, like when a certain husband has to take over my sewing space with his office, I am now way less likely to pop up and sew something. And serging? Almost "forgetaboutit." Sigh.

  6. Great little pouch. You can never have enough pouches and bags to corral all the stuff. And yes I did miss the 2nd issue of Making and I was very disappointed. That's what I get for feeling all smug when I got the very first issue. Oh well. I can probably buy a used copy on ebay or etsy for a billion dollars.

  7. The pouch is lovely. And you can never have too many pouches in a handbag.