Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Big Flower


I doubt anyone will ever accuse me of being a quilter, and my appliqué stitches are kind of huge, but making this was really pretty fun. This is Big Flower, another design from Denyse Schmidt, found in this book. So many things to make in there, hoo. I can't wait to try them all! Now that I know how to do appliqué, I kind of feel like there is no limit. Circles, I am coming for you.

I spent two weeks working on it, and about twelve days of that time was spent on the hand quilting, which I attempted to do in the proper way with a little needle and quilting thread, and, you guys, that takes a long time. It takes me a long time, anyway. I don't know how anybody ever finishes a whole quilt that way, I really don't. Respect. Anyway, somebody asked to see the teeny iron:

This kind of thing is apparently intended for something to do with melting plastic pieces onto model airplanes, and the guy at the store was kind of bemused when I told him what I was going to do with it instead, but it worked really well and I am actually madly in love with it. I love teeny things that work.

In other news, winter is coming, and Catdog has begun to press her face against the heater again, and make cozy nests out of all the couch pillows. I come home to find just her nose sticking out from underneath it all. More than a little inspired by this, another dog sweater has appeared on my needles.


It occurred to me for a second that possibly this beautiful hand-dyed worsted wool might be too pretty for a dog sweater, but then, I remembered. Catdog. Worth it.