Saturday, October 22, 2016

Lisbon Pullover

I know it seems like all I'm doing is knitting sweaters.  Actually that is rather what I'm doing.  The weather here (and probably everywhere) has taken a lovely, windy turn toward fall, and now that's happened, all I want to do is bundle up.  Also, everyone on the internet is designing and publishing beautiful new patterns, and it makes me want to knit all the things.  
This is Lisbon by Misa Erder, and I knit it using the stash--the heathery brown main color is Fishermans' Wool in, um, Brown Heather, leftover from, among other things, Doc's Brownstone, and the shelly pink contrast color at the yoke is Berroco Vintage DK, leftover from my recently completed DIY crew neck pullover--a brilliant move, because the Fishermans' Wool is a little big rough, and it's so much nicer to have a soft yarn at the neckline.  I really love the way this fits, and the way it felt to be wearing it today, up at the lake, as the wind tore at me and lashed the water into loud, frothy waves.  The water was just roaring.  It felt like a wild place, on a rocky precipice at the edge of the world.  
 It is not summer anymore.  It is time for wool.