Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blizzard Day Mittens

The sky is so threatening.  Solid.  All the indoor light is vaporous and foggy and gauzy, and the massive plow trucks go thundering by with increasing regularity.  I feel tucked in, and am having a big need to make mittens, today, in self defense.  Mittens are small and quick, and best of all, they can be snazzy.  When it comes to mittens, there is none of my usual gray-craving or need for restraint, nor worries about wearability.  Mittens are what to do with that crazy skein of worsted yarn I bought because I could not help it, in spite of the fact that one skein of crazy yarn is good for practically nothing else.  In fact, this skein (Malabrigo Mecha in "Arco Iris") might be one of those things that looks best in the skein and might well be left that way for its own good, but I think a simple mittens pattern can handle it.  The World's Simplest Mittens (by Tin Can Knits) will know what to do with the neon rainbow that is "Arco Iris".  I can't imagine what this will do on the needles--stripes, probably, or the most incorrigible pooling--but here goes.  I feel warmer already.