Sunday, December 11, 2016

Critters: Mouse #1

  Eeeek!  Mice!   Great, just in time for Christmas...  
  This is the first version, and he's pretty close to what I want.  When I showed my lovely mama, she shuddered, and said, "That mouse looks too real."  Success!  I did not want a cartoon mouse, though I do have vague plans to do a little assemblage with mice playing cards or having tea or something; just thinking about that makes me laugh a little bit.  It's the funny taxidermy I love so much, made with wool.  Yes, that will be happening; watch this space.  I started with sketches, trying to figure out their bodies, what kind of shapes they're made of--almonds, shells--and then broke the drawings down into a few simple pattern pieces:  two sides and a belly gusset (just guessing at the gusset, and got it mostly right, I think) and then a few little circles and ovals for the teensy legs.  The tweedy wool he's made from is a pair of too-short Banana Republic pants that I thrifted and meant to have tailored to fit me better, but they sat there and sat there as I did not take them to the tailor, and then this idea came along, and the fabric was just right.  The wee ears, feet, and tail are leather scraps, also thrifted.    
I like having him creeping around on the picture frames and among the books.  He's a good egg.  I think there will be more of these. This guy hardly made a dent in the fabric--so much pants still left to cut up!  Stay tuned.