Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In the in-between

Hello there!  Whoo, I am tired.  It's been a houseful around here, almost all of my people in one place, all at the same time, which since we are basically nomadic as a tribe doesn't happen very often.  Via planes, trains, and automobiles they all found their way here to the cozy things shack and we squeezed them hard and kissed them incessantly and fed them constantly, and then installed them on camping mattresses underneath piles of quilts in every corner, and I realized we didn't even have enough towels in the cupboard, which meant a sort of frustrating last minute dash to Macy's (the mall!  At Christmastime!  Aaaaugh!  Charlie Brown noises here) and stocked the bar with weird/delicious local gin and Bailey's.  We ate everything and stayed up almost until dawn playing Canasta and listening to Andy Williams, and later I made them all sit around the table and sew things.  My boy, who is not a boy anymore, by the way, but a fully grown-up person, [what, when did that happen]--embroidered with us, because he saw it would mean something to me if he sat down and played along, and my girls and I (we happily have three beautiful girls now, because my own two are bringing their special people along with them) made tiny mice (from the free pattern by the inspiring and talented Ann Wood) and photographed them dancing and having a party of their own.  We watched Elf.  We ate Pasta Alla Carbonara and lemon cake and gigantic jumbo shrimp, and went to Mama San's for noodles, and it was all just the very best.  The very, very best.  (Here's a holiday tip for you:  it is easy to trick people into staying up just a little longer, for one more story or song or hand of cards--just put a dish of olives or hummus or gouda flavored crackers in the middle of the table.  You guys, people will stay up all night long for olives.  Those are my findings, anyway.)      I gifted some secret knitting to my lovely mama, a Fairfield Cardigan, designed by Michele Wang for Brooklyn Tweed, knitted in Wool of the Andes Tweed from KnitPicks, in a color perfectly named "North Pole Heather."  I started knitting this cardigan back in August so I wouldn't have a repeat of last year's last minute freakout about trying to finish it in time, and I'm so glad I did that, because this thing was done and wrapped a month ago, and all I had left of it was to anticipate her reaction.  She didn't disappoint me, and of course it looks solid gold on her, because she's one of those types who looks good in everything.     So we have successfully pulled off another family holiday, and I'm in recovery mode now, and doing all those end-of-the-year things like thinking about rearranging all the furniture again and wanting a new haircut and organizing all the yarn and patterns into piles, and making plans for things to make that should last me a good long time.  I have some gorgeous new yarn, and some beautiful, handmade new tools that go with a new crafty thing I can't wait to show you, too, something brand-new to me, something that's really pushing all the happy buttons pretty hard, and I am getting the hang of it.  That's a story for next time.  Meanwhile, enjoy these in-between the holidays days, my friends, and as always, thank you so much for visiting me here.  I can't even say what it means to me.  With love, from my little cottage to yours.  Xoxo  K