Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the morning

Good morning, my friends.  All night long the wind battered the side of the house and I thought we were going to end up in the neighbors' yard, but the sun is shining today and things are intact.  I can't decide whether I like wind or not--sometimes a stormy, weathery night is nice, and I feel very snug, tucked up here beside my fireplace with my cocoa and eight billion episodes of something lame on Netflix, and sometimes I hate all the howling outside, because I just know the whole roof is going to come off.  This seems to be a very windy part of the world, based anyway on my limited experience.  Farmers' fields all around make it possible for wind to get up a big head of steam before it gets to me, I think.  
As much as I really do want to sew and handstich things--and I have quite a lot underway, stitching-wise--the blustering of January just calls me to the knitting.  This here is the next pullover I'm working on, completely inspired by Karen Templer's KAL project, and knit by me in the very weird and interesting Holstgarn Supersoft.  I don't know if you've ever used Supersoft before, but if not, let me just tell you right now that in the skein, it is anything but soft, and it feels like knitting a length of garden twine into a pile of burlap, but the thing about this yarn is that it blooms into a completely different fabric after washing, and unless my swatch is pulling a huge con, this pullover is going to be relatively soft, beautifully fuzzy, and will weigh approximately nothing at all, which is my idea of heaven.  But the contrast with the yarn I just finished using for this next thing? 
Pretty significant.  You guys, this yarn.  This yarn!  This is Woolfolk Tov, a holiday gift from my lovely mama, who clearly knows exactly what a girl needs, in the colorway "denim".  I can't even.  I made this Arctic Cardigan, from Issue 2 of Making magazine in about a week, and that's including having a houseful of company that all needed feeding and clean towels.  I could not stop knitting this, and now I want to wear it every single day.  I'll get a proper photo of it soon, so you can see the whole thing.  I know it looks like there's been a lot of sweaters lately.  I guess there has been.  Must be I'm cold.  There's also been this:
 On the left is a ripped and faded and felted and orphaned mitten I made a long time ago for my boy, an artifact with the patina of a teenage boy who skied a lot and has the history of concussions to prove it, and he came to me over the weekend wearing this one lonely mitten and saying "I really like these.  I lost the other one, I am sad.  Can I have a new pair?"  And I said, "WellnowletmethinkYES."  And was a cloud of dust, hairpins flying, as I ran to the cupboard for yarn.   I really am going to get back to the sewing.  I want to, a lot.  But right now it is so wintery.  Brr.  
Catdog naps.  She opens one eye halfway, wags her tail.  Inspects me briefly for snacks, and then sighs herself back to sleep.  She has taken over the couch, the blanket, and all the pillows, and the other day I fell asleep on the floor in front of the fire with my head on my knitting while she sprawled all over the furniture, snoring, because she looked so cute I didn't want to disturb her.  Sweet Catdog.  Anything for you, my dear. 


  1. That sweater is gorgeous! And you made it in only a week with all those distractions. You are amazing. I know what you mean about making for your children. My son-in-law requested a pair of socks and within three days my Christmas eve cast on socks were started and finished and on their way across the country to him. Catdog. So precious and of course you couldn't move her. I never move my Chloe either!
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. I love the sweater - the color is just beautiful!

    Oh, how I love seeing/hearing about Catdog! She is so wonderful.

  3. That's a lovely sweater and color and Catdog's expression is hilarious.

  4. Beautiful sweater, such a great colour. I am the same with my family the moment one of them wants me to make them something I am there, that's what Mamas are for...

  5. The cardigan looks great and something you will get a lot of wear out of. Dear Catdog. That sneaky eye says she knows you're taking about her. She appears so sweet that she deserves all the sofas and beds while really she is planning to 'try to take over the world!'

  6. Kristen, that wind would definitely get my attention, with its huffing and puffing.
    You do amaze me with how much knitting you accomplish. The cardigan is a gem. I have that Making magazine, and will eventually be turning to it, or that book I bought at Loop, for some 2017 knitting. Meanwhile, having finished the Christmas gifts, I've been working on a scarf for myself. It features a sort of scattered fair isle patterning, and it's fun to make it up as a I along. Leisurely.

    That cat dog is such a love. xo

  7. I love your Artic Cardigan, the denim yarn is a gorgeous colour.

  8. Denim! So beautiful. I like you photo. Very nice.

  9. Your boy...your Catdog...your knitting

    ~dreamy sighs~

    all so lovely

  10. Oh my, your post was filled with such wonderful (and scary)images! West wind against the house - memories of my farm house growing up west of Grand Ledge, MI. Fields that provided a runway for snow that made our road impassable with drifts. Chains required.

    Lovely blue sweater and images of your Mom picking out the yarn. Is that an optical illusion that the stitch is something other than stockinette?

    "Cloud of dust and hairpins flying." I couldn't help but chuckle and chuckle!

    thanks for transporting me back to your home.

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  12. That denim is a perfect color on you. We have a muttigree who is as passionate about hygge as your Catdog appears to be. The golden retriever, however, prefers to lay on ice outside rather than the nice comfy dog couch. (Yes, they have their own couch).

  13. Such a good post. I'm jealous of all your making, and that denim colored sweater, swoon. Oh Catdog, what a love you are.

  14. A big thank you! I got up feeling so 'blah' this morning, but cheered up when I saw your post in my inbox. Whilst I was having coffee I looked at your archives for this time of year, and by the time I was finished I was motivated to finish a baby quilt which has been lying around for a while.

    I am totally in awe of your skills - and speed! - and your blog brightens my day so much.

    I have a Catdog of my own - a fox terrier who behaves in much the same way!

    Best wishes.

  15. Which mitten pattern do you use? I am a bit obsessed with mittens at the moment, knitting up as many as I can to bust the stash and donate.

    1. Hi there! I use a vintage Bernat pattern I found at a yard sale years ago, probably from the 60's, judging by the hilarious photography--I think the World's Simplest Mitten pattern by Tin Can Knits (free on Ravelry) is pretty similar. :)

  16. Both sweaters look so wonderful and comfy. Catdog, you are the sweetest!

  17. You are just the most adorable person EVER. I do wish you were my next-door neighbor!! *sighs* Love those sweaters---you could teach for to knit with more than two sticks, and teach me to read patterns, right? :D

  18. Wow. Well done on the sweaters. They fit so well and the colours are great. Love the pup nose. We had the wind here too in SW ON. Blew out a section of fence and felled a big maple limb.