Monday, January 23, 2017


Wow, January is just hard.  My mood rallies and plunges according to the whims of the universe, what they say on CNN, Vitamin D.  There is so much to worry about, I think, and I am very good at worrying.  I am wearing my latest FO, a mashup of Misa Erder's Lisbon pullover (bottom-up construction and stitch counts) and Ryrau (colorwork chart, which I modified).  This is my fourth and final attempt at using my stash of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter, in the wonderfully golden "Hayloft", and I promised myself that if this sweater didn't work out, I would throw it to the wolves and be done with it, so it is happy thing indeed that I am pleased with the results here.  Cramming the 34-stitch pattern repeat for the Ryrau chart into the stitch counts required for the yoke of the Lisbon pattern required me to finagle a little and simplify the original chart, and there was some self-congratulatory fist pumping when the math worked.  So what is that, four finished sweaters for 2017, and we are three weeks into January?  Yikes.  I am knitting too much, and my wrists are in trouble, so there will be a week or so of me sitting here in the evenings wondering what these strange empty things at the ends of my arms are for.   I'll sit down in front of the Netflix machine and, what, just watch?  
There has lately been a huge flock of robins hanging around our crabapple tree, feasting on the leftover raisins and chirping to each other.  If I open the window to see them better, they scatter to the walnut tree at the edge of the orchard, regrouping, deciding whether I am anything to worry about.  If I were a believer in signs and omens, I would assign some portent to this giant congregation of tough little neighbors clustering outside my window.  There are many long months to go until Spring, but the robins are here, and they will be ready when it comes.  Meanwhile, a new idea has emerged from my moody January brain, and I am spending some of these winter hours painting and drawing various perching birds (borrowed reference material from google images) and trying to figure them out.  I might spend the whole winter doing this, just painting birds.  The sun will come up, every day, whether I can see it or not.