Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Gray is good

Well, the heart wants what it wants.  An evaluation of my wardrobe has revealed that I need/want a gray turtleneck pullover.  I know. I know!  Really, everything I wear is gray, so knitting things in other colors is mostly just an exercise.  If I want to wear it a lot, it has to be gray.  Also a long road trip over the weekend really cannot be endured without knitting.  I seriously don't know how people who don't knit can do that.  I know it drove me totally bonkers before I figured it out.  So I worked on this (September Morn by Thea Colman) A LOT over the past few days, and it is--whew--almost finished already.  One sleeve to go.  Also recommended for road trips--Tom Petty.  Gah!  He's so good!  Tom is in my head right now.  Fourteen solid hours of something will do that.  
  I'm using Patons Classic Worsted in Dark Gray Mix, still trying to knit up the stash.  This one will get a lot of wear.  
I made this project bag, too, the other day, from a scrap of thrifted I don't know what, maybe it's canvas?  Probably it is upholstery fabric, or at least something meant for home dec.  I lined it with a piece of calico that was leftover from something else.  This bag is about 12" x 18", with a boxed bottom and a zipper top so I don't have to worry about losing anything.  I have a (really nice) open-top project bag that I used a lot last year, but one day I came home to find a loose ball of Brooklyn Tweed Shelter just sitting there in the driveway, waiting to blow into the road. Ever since then, I worry.  So this one is the right size for a whole sweater-in-progress, plus the pattern sheet, and also it stands up.  I'm pretty happy with it.  
In between marathons of knitting with gray yarn and binge-watching Tom Petty videos on Youtube (you should be doing that too, really.  Go.  He's everything good.  I think Tom Petty is how we survived the eighties with our rock and roll intact) I am working on this too--English Paper Piecing, for my Creative Year Project.  English Paper Piecing requires so much stuff; three pairs of scissors, pens, pencils, freezer paper, irons.  A proper mess.  I'm using a box (the best idea ever, from Twyla Tharp, via Ann Wood) to store it all, and to keep the idea safe while I am off working on other things.  I really recommend this for those times when the ideas are coming thick and fast and you're kind of afraid they'll get away before you can get around to them.  Just put it all into a box--anything that has anything to do with the idea; scraps, doodles, words, all of it--and label the box.  There, it's all in one place, waiting for you when you're ready.  Doing this has helped me sleep better, and I'm not making that up.  
Catdog always comes home from these weekends away completely exhausted from running with the other hounds.  She collapses contentedly on the sofa, sighs heartily.  I cover her with a blanket, kiss her on the head.  She is instantly asleep.