Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Little Things

Thank you for your warm, thoughtful, generous comments to me last week.  They made me feel full and grateful and hopeful. Thank you, thank you.  Thank you for checking in here with me, and for taking time to leave me a note.  I am so cheered by all your words.  Your kindness overflowed.  I probably need to spend some dedicated time sitting in the sun, but he is a distant memory these days.  It is still grayer than an old mule out my window, and mostly in my knitting too.  Another road trip looms, which means the search for the perfect travel project is ON, nevermind how many things are already in progress.  I have, as promised, slowed down on the finishing of things, but I never said I wasn't going to start eighty jillion new projects...this one happened the other day as I considered how nice it would be to just knit and purl for awhile.  Four false starts later, it is finally underway.  The right yarn is everything, am I right?  This is Quince and Co. Chickadee in "Frost", from an unraveled previous project that I never wore, and a good girl would skein all that beautiful wool back up and wash it to get the kinks out, but I am just not that girl.  When I want to start something, I want to start it right now.  I got this far before I had to throw the whole thing, needle and all, into the sink for a hasty soak and block, just to make sure the stitches would fluff up as I hoped they would, so it's wet right now and I can't work on it.
Which is fine, because I also have this, another self-drawn gray scarf/wrap thing, and all of a sudden it strikes me that these two projects seem awfully similar.  How many gray scarf/wrap things does one big ol' country girl like me really need, anyway?  Well, at least these two, because this one is knit in the utterly amazing Woolfolk Far, color 02/Lightest Gray.  I go oh-so-slowly on this project, because I am trying to savor it.  I really don't want it to be over, although wearing it is going to be a pretty good time, too.  I am slack-jawed by this yarn.  It is the softest thing I can imagine.  
Hey, wait a minute, that's not gray!  I'll admit, I kind of forgot about these hectic, hyper, and slightly dizzying socks, and they are so close to being finished, too.  They got put away for a minute a few months ago, and then that was it.  As soon as I can't see it anymore, it's like it's gone forever, which I think is why the work table is always so totally covered with stuff.  Once it goes in the cupboard, it's just dead to me, until I find it accidentally while I'm on the hunt for a button, and then I get a rush of recognition/guilty stab of conscience/blast of renewed enthusiasm.   I'm happy to see these again, although I can't think about all the ends still dangling about inside those things, not yet.  Don't make me think about it!  I suppose that is the price to pay for all these stripes, which are so, so beautiful, but ugh, I hate weaving in ends.  It'll be worth it.  I love these.  They'll be done soon. In the Not Knitting Department, I finished this the other day, too:  
If you follow me on Instagram, you'll have seen this already, but the story is this: at the end of last year, Doc's sister J, who is a knitter and a stitcher, asked me to join her in a yearlong creative project.  We'd hound each other regularly to make things, and to finish things, and to think outside the usual boxes, and to Get It Done.  To not just talk about making, but to do it, and to explore ideas.  She set the first challenge--"What are your intentions for the year?" So I made this.  This little stitched piece, just 6" square--No. 1: Intentions--is what manifested from me thinking about all those things.  It is aspirational.  I plan to be brave and curious, and to do things besides just knit all the time.  We'll see what happens!  Let's go.