Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Most Perfect, feat. Frank Lloyd Wright

Like a lot of places at this end of the world, it got a little bit freakishly warm here in Rochester, and the sun came out and the birds sang and the daffodils poked their shoots up through the mulchy leaves, and hoo!  It was such a balm.  Today it is slightly more Februaryish, which is just as well, because I finished this the other day, and I am glad for a chance to wear it.  
It would be hard for me to overstate how much I love this sweater.  As a knitter of garments, I sometimes veer off into the colorful and the artsy and the only vaguely wearable, but really, most of the time, I am looking for a finished object that I can actually put on in the morning, and which will feel great and look good and match my other clothes and stuff.  I also want it to be fun to work on, if possible, and I kind of want to be able to use some of the yarn I already have lying around here, because I really have a lot of yarn, which presumably I bought it because I liked it, so it shouldn't be that hard to figure out what to make with it, but I feel it can be a challenge to put all these things together.  I spend hours trolling around Ravelry for patterns.  Once I choose one, I ask myself:  Will it fit me?  (That is, will I have to tug at it all day to keep it in place?  Is it long enough?  Roomy enough where I need it to be?  Will I have to make a million modifications?). Will it flatter?  (I have huge shoulders and a very long torso). Will the pattern + yarn make a nice fabric?  Will it drape/hang nicely?  Will I wear this color?  (Does it fit into my wardrobe?)  Will I enjoy knitting this?  (Is the pattern well-written, free of errors?).  Will this finished fabric feel nice next to my bare flesh? (So, not alpaca or mohair).  Does this design fit my personal style (trickier to answer, that one.) More simply, Do I have enough yarn in the stash right this minute to make this (and also, is it wound already) because I am into instant gratification and am also lazy.  All this is a fairly lengthy but enjoyable process for me.
I took a look in my closet the other day and wondered why I've never made the charcoal gray wool turtleneck I've always wanted/needed.  Why haven't I done this?  I have had the yarn to knit this sweater for, hmm, I don't even know how long.  YEARS.  Maybe ten.  I can hardly believe that.  And the whole time I've been wanting the sweater.  What the heck?  It wasn't going to knit itself.  It was time.  
So this is (ohmygoshIloveitsomuch) September Morn, designed by Thea Colman.  It is everything I wanted it to be.  See all the above, and check the box for YES.  With the help of a long road trip, I knit this in one week, and wore it today on a properly February day, with biting wind in my eyeballs and tiny snow pellets smacking me in the face.  I love New York.  Feeling sluggish and stiff from months spent lounging beside the fireplace, we went for a walk, and it felt wonderful and hearty, and this Perfect Sweater kept me warm as toast.  
Okay, there is a slight dyelot problem in the yarn at the yoke.  This comes from my finding a little ball of leftovers (oh, right--this is Paton's Classic Worsted in Gray Mix) loafing in the scraps bin and, assuming like an idiot that it would match, splicing it in there for the sake of using it up.  Of course it was evening while I was doing that and didn't see the color difference until several hours and inches later, and I decided then that it wouldn't bother me, and it really doesn't.  The happiness endorphins bathing my nervous system due to the general perfection of this end result are preventing me from seeing that little stripe very much anyway.  I'll be more careful next time, though.
We walked in the East Avenue Historic District, among the millionaires' mansions.  I took off my coat,
Adjusted my bandana,
And said, "Hey, isn't that the Boynton House, designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1908?"  We were just strolling down East Boulevard, and there it was, a proper National Treasure.  That's two perfect things, I think.