Friday, February 10, 2017

Vivid Socks

Get thee behind me, bleak winter landscape!  I've got your color, right here.  You might recall that I started these last spring, made heroic headway on them, because after all, stripes! And then tucked them away for what was supposed to be a minute because people were coming over and I needed the table for eating or whatever, and then totally forgot about them.  Well, I am almost fifty years old, so this is what is starting to happen.  Socks?  What socks?  I don't see any socks...  
These were made in what is probably pretty much every color of Arwetta Classic, a merino blend sock yarn, a big lovely box of which was gifted to me last year by my lovely Yarn Fairy Hilde.  She has such a beautiful, bright sense of color, and had arranged the yarns in a specific way in the box, with warm colors on one side and cool colors on the other, with each color kind of related to its corresponding neighbor, which I thought was so perfect and so interesting, and so very Hilde.    
  This is how they were when I got them.  A muted olive (far upper left) = muted mustard (far upper right).  Clear bright blue at middle right, clear bright red at middle left.  Two deep darks at center, bottom row; one is warm, one is cool.  Can you see what she's doing here?  I just loved how she came up with a sort of color scheme rule for herself, which I can't even really articulate--it seems to have to do with value and hue, all of which is so vague in my mind-- then arrayed them thusly in order so that my amazement in them would be as huge as possible.  Hilde, you're wonderful.  That right there is someone who understands color, and also someone who understands fun.  Speaking as a girl who understands gray, this many colors all in one place was both an overload of inspiration, and also a little bit paralyzing.  I had so many ideas, and I started a couple of them, realized they weren't worthy, tried again, again, again...that's how it works for me, I'm coming to realize.  Nothing that isn't steeked is permanent in knitting, am I right?  The eagle-eyed among you will surely notice all the dog hair that's already stuck to these finished socks, and everywhere else, really.  The catdog doesn't have much hair to spare, but that isn't stopping her from shedding like she doesn't even need any.  So cute, that dog.  As I was taking these photographs a little while ago, she was in the other room daintily removing the pompom from a hat I'd left drying beside the fireplace.  
There were so many ends that I kind of considered just leaving them in and wearing the socks with them still bristling up the inside, like a lazy girl's thrummed mitten.  Finally I wove them in as hastily as I possibly could, fueled by a dozen episodes of the Fibertrek podcast, and was pretty pleased to see the end of that part of the project.  The ends left me with a fistful of yarn snippets big enough to inspire yet more projects.  I'll probably leave them outside for the birds--I love the idea of maybe someday finding a fallen nest, or coming upon one tucked into the hedge, that has a few of these yarn bits whimsically woven into it.  There have been so many birds in our yard lately, I don't remember ever seeing so many.  One of them will certainly appreciate all this soft yarn in such vivid colors as much as I have.  
Thank you, Hilde.  Spring is coming.