Monday, March 20, 2017

Epistrophy, finished

Epistrophy is off the needles.  This pattern, by Kate Davies, from her beautiful book Yokes, has been in my mental queue ever since I saw it.  Love.  LOVE.  I want this cardigan to be a success so badly that I am still trying to convince myself.  That neckband, you guys.  All that knitting, and then those ten little ribbed rows using the wrong needle (my fault) at the bitter end.  It's causing the neckband to flare just enough to irritate me, and I'm not sure.  It's pretty, though!  It is too late to do anything about it now except worry, and worrying will get you nowhere, so I am saying that I don't mind the flaring.  I don't think.  It's a small enough part of the completed whole, and the rest of it is pretty great.  That yoke!  Hoo.    
It's such a good fit.  Perfect, really, everywhere else.  I don't care about the neckband.  I don't think.  I don't think I do.  
It's got a casualness about it I kind of like, actually.  The standup collar thing could be kind of good.  A feature, not a flaw, right?  Also, handily, it is cut off in almost all the photos because I told Doc to keep my face out of these shots--it was the weekend, and who wants to get all gussied up for having their picture on the internet on a Sunday?  Not me.  So you just have to mostly trust me that the neckline is flaring ever so gently.  Just ever so.  
There's one where you can see it.  That's okay, right?  A little tiny flare?  I don't care.  I don't think.  Otherwise, it's just so great!  What a good pattern, too.  The repeating, decreasing geometry at that yoke has my brain boggling.  I don't even know how anybody figures something like that out.  Kate Davies, you are so clever.  This sweater is knit in the round (good thing, too, as I have sworn a blood oath not to knit in pieces anytime soon) and then cut up the front with scissors (that's right, that's what I said!) with the button bands added at the very end.  
Kate recommended this pretty little ribbon detail, which covers up the hot mess I always leave behind when cutting open a steek.  I love this treatment of a cardigan front.  I might do this on all future cardigans.  Ribbon shop recommendations are heartily welcome.  
I used Fishermans' Wool for this, in "Oatmeal" and "Brown Heather".  The pattern calls for DK weight, and I would call Fisherman's Wool a light worsted, so I went down a needle size (to a US 3.  Small!  I know!) and it fits like a dream.  If I were at the precipice of the neckband right now, though, I'd drop down to a truly tiny needle and get that thing right, but since there isn't a thing to be done, I am saying I love it, and I will keep saying it.  I love it.