Monday, March 6, 2017

No. 2: Love

This is the finished piece in what I have really come to think of as some kind of actual artistic endeavor.  I keep coming back to the philosophical question of "art vs. craft" and I don't know why I even care, because it is all worthwhile and I'm happy to be doing it either way, whatever it's called, but just in an elementary sense, I do wonder.  Anyway, this, like everything I do with needles and fabric or fiber, is somewhere on the continuum, who knows where, and I am really enjoying the process.  As you may remember, I was asked at the end of last year to join a fellow crafter in a yearlong creative project, in which we would set a monthly goal and apply our most creative selves to it.  There are parameters:  each piece is to be roughly 6" x 6", and is bound in some way at the edges.  Those are the only rules.  Additionally, I have decided that my pieces will be all handwork--no machine stitches--and that I will try to use stash whenever I can.  Also, I am concentrating on exploring ideas and not worrying so much about perfection of technique.  Good thing, too, this time, because this was my first foray into English Paper Piecing, and yikes.  Imperfection everywhere. But something about all those bristling basting stitches was so satisfying to me.  It felt so much like Work, in the best way.  Like I was making work.  This month is No. 2:  appassionato.  Passion, and love.  I thought about how much I love handwork and tiny things and learning and sweet surprises and color against neutral backgrounds and visible brush strokes and the smaller parts of Big Projects.  I am so grateful to be doing this.