Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Walnut Heather

A few weeks ago, I saw someone wearing a poly-fleece jacket with zipper and a little stand-up collar.  It looked warm and comfortable.  Relaxed, but also somehow put-together, if that can ever be said of a sweatshirt.  She had it zipped only in the middle, kind of at the waist.  Slim-lined, long-bodied, good.  I coveted it, but poly-fleece jackets with zippers are not my jam; handknits are my jam.  I came home and drew (on my favorite thing ever, Fashionary Panels--if you're trying to make your own clothes in any way, you should go get yourself some) this little drawing, imagining the lines of it in a handknit sweater.  I gave it ribbed sleeves for ultra-sleeve-slimness, and a folded ribbed collar for maximum stand-up-ness, tall because my neck is ridiculous.  I moved the waist shaping fifteen stitches to the front and back of the side seams, for more polish.  I dove into the stash for some Cascade 220 in Walnut Heather, a diffuse grayish-brown that seems to crop up in my stash over and over again.  It is the most nondescript color in the world, the color of mice, the color of my hair before it started to turn gray.  I keep finding myself with a bunch of yarn that's this color, and it must be I love it.  I knit a swatch, measured myself, did a little math, and started knitting, and now I have this:
Pictures of me wearing it have been delayed by the fact that it is (I know) actually sweltering here right now.  (I know!) Weather permitting, I might wear this to Rhinebeck?  I guess that is going to be true of anything I finish between now and October, now that I think about it.  This won't be the last thing I knit between now and then, let's face it.  And, as a few have pointed out, this is New York, and October in New York is a capricious thing.  It might snow, and it might be 75 degrees, and a knitter should plan accordingly.  Whatever the weather, even if I have to pair them with shorts, I will be wearing handknits to Rhinebeck, and this might be one of them.  Neutral sweater, crazily-colored accessories?  I think that sounds like so much fun.  There is at least one more neutral cardigan nearing the finish line at the moment, so anything is still possible.  Maybe it will be cold enough to wear them both!  Or maybe just armwarmers and a bathing suit, I don't know.  New York, after all.