Monday, October 30, 2017


It is always well to know when it's time to pull the plug on a project.  I had the Bulb pullover/tunic/dress thing a little more than one sleeve from finished, then I spread it out to measure it and had a good look:
I am really inspired by all the Find Your Fades and So Fadeds and whatever other fade-type things are happening out there, and I think they're really good, a great way to make use of these very tempting multi-colored yarns that look so pretty in the skein, but maybe a little too much most everywhere else.  They are so beautiful, and so complex, and so evocative.  Their colorway names completely slay me.  They just jump into my shopping basket.  I feel powerless over them.  So I have fair stash of speckly, handpainted, arty-looking yarn, but honestly, a whole big sweater/dress/tunic made of that just isn't something I am going to wear.  I was blinded by beautiful yarn.  So I put Tom Petty on Spotify and pulled out the needle, and then I just unraveled the whole entire thing, and it felt great.  There's always a little bit of awful, when the realization hits that a total unravel is the only route to happiness; that's a sinking feeling I don't enjoy.  But there's nothing else for it, guys, and once the ripping is underway, it stops hurting. There's no reason to keep knitting this (and the knitting of it was so much fun, you can see how much, because I got all this way, almost to the end of a dress in fingering weight yarn, before I realized it wasn't working) when the fate of it is to end up in the pile for Goodwill.  And it does feel good later, when you've got a fresh pile of yarn, waiting to become something new.  
Pretty yarn!  I like this.  For me, the only real way to wear multis or speckles or handpainted things is in accessories.  My feet, my hands, my neck.  So, a big wrap, another of the stunning and statement-y designs by Beata Jezek, went onto my needles:  this one is Shockwaves.  
My dad used to tell me, "Know when to say when."  It took longer than usual, but I did finally know when, and now this yarn can be what it really wants to be, and I can make a different Bulb (oh, just look at this gorgeous one!) in the right yarn.  [Editor's note:  all this is well and good, so what's up with that Granito, still sitting there halfway done, in the wrongitty-wrongest yarn ever?  Hmmm?]. Okay, something in me is still hoping that one can work.  [It won't].  There will be a Granito someday, in some yarn or another.  Stay tuned.  


  1. I am on a revisit project at the moment inspired by your post on the sweater that was too short. I knit a sweater that was too short in length and the arm length and it had a crappy neck so I am fixing it all like a mechanic fixes a car because the Cascade Luna yarn feels so good. Hope the pain has finally gone! Jo x

  2. I gasped when you said you unraveled this, it is beautifully made with lovely yarn. But I totally understand. You know yourself and if you won't wear it the only thing to do is unravel and have fun with the yarn in another way. :-)

  3. I am a big supporter of frogging projects that aren't giving me joy! I find it strangely cathartic. The Shockwave shawl is gorgeous!

  4. yeh i agree a full jumper/tunic is way too much in so many colours! but ohhh they are sooo pretty too! & a scarf/wrap would be gorgeous with the right pattern. lovely leg warmers would also look great! or you could frame a jumper/sweater/cardigan in the soft dark or light greys you love so much, that would definitely tone the colours down a tad? look forward to seeing what you do end up making with them.
    thanx for sharing