Monday, November 27, 2017

All day, every day

Friends, I apologize for gushing.  This sweater is just...squeal!  Ahhhh!  This sweater!  I am just so in love with it.  I have hardly taken it off since it dried from blocking.  
There isn't any pattern because I had some gorgeous yarn and an idea, so I just went ahead and did it.  This happened the way it usually does, whenever I start with the yarn; using my Fashionary Panels (indispensable, honestly) I drew a silhouette, and then measured my back neck and raglan lengths, and knit that.  I tried to write this one down, but somewhere around the armpits I forgot to keep taking notes, and then it was mostly too late.  Starting with the yarn.  This is just occurring to me right now; if I have a yarn I want to use, I almost always just make up something to fit me.  Somehow it works better for me that way, and I am more likely to get what I want.  Trying to find a pattern to match what I've got in my hand is hard for me.  If there's a pattern I want to make, finding a yarn to match it is easier.  Why would this even be true?  I don't know, but it seems to be true for me.  Maybe having the yarn in my hand starts up the creative process?  Certainly the way a yarn feels matters a lot to what kind of thing should be made from it.  Right, the yarn!  This is the (deep, contented sigh) very luxurious "Tynd" by Woolfolk, in colors 18 (a warm, pinkish gray) and 19 (a raw umberish/chocolately brown).  This is not a commercial for Woolfolk, but let me just tell you the truth here:  this yarn is the very softest yarn in the world.  I do not exaggerate.  It is softer than cashmere.  It feels like a kitten.  Working on this sweater was like cuddling a warm, sleepy kitten.  I could hardly knit this sweater slowly enough, because it (is all stockinette) was a tremendous pleasure to have on the needles, but I also could hardly wait to finish it so I could put it on.  And now that I have it on, I will wear it all day, every day.  If you see me anywhere, ever, this is what I'll be wearing.  I must tell you, it has already become pretty fuzzy, and there is the expected amount of pilling in the high friction areas--this is soft yarn (did I mention it was soft?  SO SOFT!) and soft yarn will pill.  I'm not worried about it.