Monday, November 20, 2017


I just want to make all the things right now.  There are so many things, and I am dying to start about forty-two new knitting projects.  This little papier mache sailboat (free pattern, from the wonderful Ann Wood) has kept me busy this morning, and I only had to stop because it needs a mast and I can't find a skewer.  The skewers were a casualty of the big clear-out I did over the summer, and now I'm either going to buy more skewers (probably a hundred of them, when I only need one) or improvise with a knitting needle or something else.  A stick from the yard would be my usual solution to needing a stick, but this happened:
I can't.  Look, it's still trying to be golden out there!  Or it would be, if the sun knew we were here.  New York, you are so hard to love right now.  This dark weather just gets to me.  A thousand pounds of snow just slid off the roof and crashed onto the ground.  Why do people love this?  Honestly?  Don't say sweaters and soup, I do those things all year.  I just don't get it.  I have lots of opinions about this.  I know people love snow, and I'm happy for them, but I really struggle in this cold, dark time of year.  Anyway, if you love a snowy day, come on over; I'll put the kettle on. 
Probably in response to the encroaching cold, I made a pair of legwarmers!  My legs are cold!  My feet are cold, too, and I need to be knitting socks, but that is less colorful and uses up far fewer scraps.  These really scratched the itch to make granny squares--come on, you know the one I'm talking about.  I have no use at all for any more granny square blankets, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to make granny squares, and all those little leftover balls of pretty colors just cry out to me.  There is something so wonderful about the humble, scrappy, granny square.  These are made with 18 5-round grannies (9 per leg) and joined-as-you-go, and then trimmed top and bottom with a few more colorful rows, just to jazz them up a little, because they aren't quite jazzy enough already.  
I think with a pair of thick socks underneath (note to self: get busy!) these gauntlets will be very cheerful.  I think I'd quite like to have them on inside my winter boots, cuddling my chilly shins and peeking out the top, all cheeky and bright.  Cozy.