Friday, December 15, 2017

Family Hats

We celebrated the holiday early this year.  [Still shopping?  Wrapping?  Baking?  Enjoy!  I'll be over here eating Triscuits from the box and finishing off the last of the wrinkled clementines!] All four of my ducklings came home, but because they're all grownups now and have Lives, they could only make all their visits overlap by twelve short hours, so there's been a lot of relaxing and lazy baking show binge-watching with a few of the ducklings at a time, and we had tater tots for dinner and took turns cuddling with the catdog, and then yesterday everyone was here and there was one golden, joyous day of chaos and mayhem. So we stayed up late last night, laughing and hugging and gifting and drinking a little gin, and then we had to get up before dawn to deliver a couple of them to the airport.  I'm so tired my eyeballs feel like raisins, but it was so worth it.  I feel so lucky that they all want to be here with us, to be all together.  They don't come from the ends of the earth, but there are planes and rental cars and pet sitters, and there's work schedule juggling and there's Finals Week and it is a lot, and I am so glad and so happy.  I love the wonderful things they give each other, and the comfortable way they are together, and the funny cards and inside jokes.  What a lucky mama I truly am.  
In a successful effort to keep a lid on my own overwhelming need to cover them all in handknits, I only made hats this year.  Everyone got a hat, all knit by me from my stash and scraps, using the hat pattern that comes with Strange Brew from Tin Can Knits.  I used a different palette and a different colorwork pattern for each, but I tried to keep them all kind of relative to each other--these are our Family Hats!  It was a little bit tough to stop at six.  Choosing all the colors and stitch patterns and then drawing charts and then being able to finish one of these in a day or two made for a pretty satisfying project.  These rode around in my project bag for quite awhile.  There is definitely a Strange Brew sweater in my future.  
We unwrapped them all on the count of three, and the payoff for me was huge; everybody made such happy, appreciative noises when they saw them, and immediately put them on, exclaiming over the colors and saying all the nice things.  The time overlap was so short this year that we didn't have any daylight hours with everyone in the house together, so we improvised a group photo.  We set the timer on somebody's phone and took a group selfie in the dark, in front of the tree.   Totally knitworthy, every single one of these gorgeous people.  
I wish you all the merriest and most joyful of holidays.  As always, thank you all so much for being here with me.  It really means more than I can say.  Xoxoxo  With Love--Kristen, Doc, Marissa, Katie, Shirleejae, Adam, and Catdog.