Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Here is Arboreal, all blocked and dry and ready to be my armor against any upcoming blizzards.  You guys, I am so pleased with this one.  I washed it and spread it out to dry before lunch yesterday, and by dinnertime, it was ready to wear.  Look at that smooth, well-fitting yoke!  No billowing at all.   Jackpot!  And this ultra-fluffy, wafty, wooly and sheepy Plotulopi has completely stolen my heart.  Like the Lettlopi, it is a little rough on bare skin, but that doesn't really bother me very much, and an insulating underlayer is always part of my winter gear anyway.  Didn't my lovely mama choose the perfect colors, too?  Her own tastes run to the beautiful jewel tones that look so good with her snowy white hair and rosy cheeks, so buying wool for me in Gray and More Gray probably stuck in her craw a little, but she did it.  Thank you, Mom!  In order to get the fit and silhouette I prefer, I made the yoke in Small, the body in Medium, and the sleeves in XS.  So, a little easy math, no big deal.  I also, as usual, made the sleeves and body longer than the pattern suggests.  And I am thrilled with this result.   Ever since I cracked the code on how yokes work, and then the penny dropped about my own shallow yoke depth, garments with round yoke construction--and there are SO many good ones--are all back on the table for me.