Friday, January 26, 2018

The Waiting

Sneak peek:  this is Puntilla, pattern by Joji Locatelli in Posh Fingering from The Uncommon Thread, colorway "Peat", with contrast color in Madelintosh Merino Light, colorway "French Gray".  Gray, gray, gray.  I'm so basic it hurts.  I finished this late last night, over episodes of Season Two of Poldark (George is such a treacherous little creep...) and blocked it to dry overnight.  It is still damp this morning, with dangling ends still to be woven, and I am waiting.  Is it dry yet?  Now?  How about now?  And my mind is full and whirling with the very pleasant project of figuring out what to make next, so I'm deep in the caverns of Ravelry, and headfirst in the stash cupboard, and making little notes and drawings of what I might like.  This might be the best part of finishing something--the dreaming up of what comes next; so much possibility, and so much adventure ahead.  The sun shines today, in long hopeful beams across the melting snow, and across my clean floors and freshly-painted walls, and over the drying handknits.  Do your stuff, old friend.