Monday, February 5, 2018

North Atlantic

That was fast!  I think it took longer to dry than it took me to knit it.  I am in the mania about sweater knitting right now, I don't know how else to put it.  I am so endlessly interested, and actually I feel a little bit driven to it.  I've been trying lately to figure this out, to find out where it comes from and why I am so consumed by sweater knitting, and while I'm not looking for a cure, I'm just wondering.  Because it does mean I have a lot of sweaters, and since I have just the one body and can only wear one thing at a time, it starts to seem like I have too many, and I end up giving a lot of them away.  I don't have a huge wardrobe of anything else, but the sweater shelf in the closet is burgeoning, with no end in sight.  I don't know what to make of this.  Anyway, it's something I'm thinking about.  Probably there will be more about this later.  It seems like this is a conversation a lot of people are having around the interwebs; capsule wardrobes, the 10 x 10 wardrobe challenge, Project 333, Sara Berman's Closet, etc. and I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to land on all that, given that I really want to live with less, but knitting sweaters is my joy, and that with luck I have many more years of life in which to do it, and have no interest in slowing down.  I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this subject.  Meanwhile, here is North Atlantic, all finished.  I've worn it twice already, and it is pretty good.  
I used four unrelated yarns from the stash--Wools of New Zealand, Shepherd's Wool, Berrocco, and Patons Classic--and while that was a fun experiment and I love how the colors worked together, the (very slight) differences between them made a little bit of an accordion effect.  I worked the color bands on a larger needle, but they still pull in slightly, and the brown solid stripes pouf out a little around them.  It hasn't bugged me yet, but there's still time.  Anyway, if I were going to make this again--and I totally might--I'd be more careful to use the same base throughout.  
There's still a whole lot of winter left, and I'm glad to have this one.  It's snowing again.  I'm still knitting.