Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Spring Things

It must be spring.  The sun came out on Monday, and Catdog and I ran for the back yard like we were escaping from prison.  We frittered away the afternoon just lying there soaking up the warmth like two lizards on a hot rock.  Just a week ago there was snow and sleet and ice, and then, just like that, the sky turned blue and came to life, and the daffodils turned their faces to the sun and unfurled their beautiful selves.  I put on a hat and just sat there and read an entire book while Catdog snuffled around in the grass and then sprawled out to sleep.  In the evening, the frogs took up their musical peeping, and we left the windows wide, wide open to the fresh air.  There is nothing at all like sleeping beside an open window in the springtime, when the tender breeze is cold on my face and the quilts are tucked up soft and tight underneath my chin.  I smile in my sleep and dream about a meadow filled with daisies.

 I dug through my yarn stash a few days ago, and found I have at least two sweaters’ worth of cream/Aran/Winter White worsted weight yarn, and since I already have this, that felt like a lot for right now, so I skeined up some of it and dunked it in my dyepot.  This might always be an adventure,  this yarn dyeing thing, because no two resources will ever give me the same information about how to do it and honestly, I’m usually pretty happy no matter what I end up with anyway, so I’m not sure it even matters to try and remember how I did it.  Okay, so, using a whole bunch of madder root extract (I just dumped whatever was left in the cupboard, which seems like it was a lot) into a pot of, er, “some” water, along with, um, I don’t know, a little bit of chalk?  And simmered six 100g skeins of white-ish yarn in it for awhile.  Until it was really, really red.  I rinsed it, added I don’t know how much iron sulfate to the dyepot and dumped the yarn back in, and what I got looks pretty much exactly like what you’d get if you just used grape Kool-Aid.  It is just straight up purple.  It surprises me that it doesn’t smell like grape, because that’s how grape it looks.  I wish it were redder, but I don’t know what I might have done any differently to make it that way, and anyway it seems like with dyeing, whatever you get is what you get.  I don’t know what else I could dunk it in at this point anyway, so now there’s some grape yarn in my stash.

In other knitting news, I started this wool colorwork yoke—the pattern is here—a week or so ago, when it was still snowing. I have no illusions that I won’t need it again before long, but somehow, it seems a lot less pressing.