Monday, August 6, 2018

It is properly hot here—not out-of-bounds hot, the way it seems to be in Europe this summer, but just a regular hot summer, the way I remember summer, and the way I love it.  I point a big fan at my head and just read a book, quietly melting.  It’s not too hot for me to knit (it never is) but for reasons unrelated to the weather, the Cozy Things Sweater Knitting Machine is taking a brief hiatus.  I decided to sew something, because (see above: I like the heat) I apparently enjoy suffering and failure.  All my knitting projects are being confounding right now, and I seem to have backed myself into a situation where I have nothing to do except knit eight sleeves, and since that makes me want to scream a little bit, I picked out a really nice sewing pattern and some really questionable fabric and got to work.

Fabric.  You guys.  Okay, I’ve tried linen in the past, and I loved it, but despite all kinds of careful finishing and double-felled seams and neat topstitching, it fell completely to pieces in the wash and I am not having that, ya’ll.  Apart from linen and all the synthetic fabrics you could want, there isn’t anything left in the fabric store except quilting cottons and polar fleece printed in Dora the Explorer motifs.  Help!  Honestly.  I try buying fabric online, but it never looks or feels like I thought it would.  I don’t know what to do.

This fabric was a desperate move.  It is a very lightweight cotton, printed in India, perhaps using some kind of resist technique and indigo dyeing...okay, it is a curtain I bought at Home Goods.  I think it looks fine and it hangs nicely (because it’s a curtain) and the pattern was really good, with lots of interesting construction techniques that were fun to work on but not too hard (because, honestly, I have the sewing skills of an advanced toddler) and it fits and looks good.  But there’s still this problem:

It clings to everything.  Everything I sew clings to everything.  Am I just extra-staticky?  Sigh.  I will make another one of these in better fabric, once I figure out what that is.