Friday, April 30, 2010

Making squares

Friday was a perfect weather day, and I put clean laundry on the clothesline and then settled on the patio with my squares (the pattern is from the book 200 Crochet Blocks). I can't stop making these and thinking about them and arranging them decoratively on tables and chairs, just so I can admire them, but I don't actually know what they're for yet! Is that strange? Do other people work this way? I never thought of myself as a process crafter, but I keep coming back to these pointless little things, even though there are a ton of other projects to work on. (Someday I'll give you a tour of my works in progress, a heap of insane proportions.) And looking at this picture, it occurs to me that maybe I should put down the hook long enough to cut the grass.

I keep thinking the squares might make a cute bag or pillow, but they are really begging to be a blanket, which I need like a hole in the head—so many blankets already, and only three beds in the house. I wish you could feel how soft this yarn is, though. I keep cuddling the squares up to my face. They make me want to start sucking my thumb. I'm using KnitPicks, a little Shine and a little Comfy, chosen for color and weight. I think if it were going to become a blanket I would need about another ton of yarn, which given how smoochy it is, does not trouble me in the least right now. I sort of want to head right over to KnitPicks and go a little nuts. So it's kind of interesting to be so driven to crochet these things without knowing what they'll become. As a matter of fact, the first six I finished decided to become potholders, so there they went. But I don't need an endless number of potholders, either, and the squares keep begging to be made.

That's really the best kind of crafting, I think—when you just want to be doing it, with no obligations and no thoughts of where it will go later; with just the knowing that what you're making is worthy and beautiful, all by itself, without having to explain anything else. That's me—I just love to make things, and I don't care whether I need any of it or not.

Hello! Welcome to my cozy nest. I hope you'll stop by often to see what I'm up to. Today, I am being inspired by Tif at dottie angel, and am making hangers like mad. More on that later!